HK Holiday, Part Uno

It's been about half a year since the inception of this blog... when it all started when I had a vacation with my entire family at a resort in beautiful Bohol. Since it was the holiday season we strategized, as stress-inducing and patience-trying planning a fam vacation was, we needed another family outing. We did it again, and we survived it!
The chaos that was the airport
Well, I did. Not so much my sister who has three kids and, unbeknown to her nor us during that time, was preggers with her (omg) fourth kiddo. Talk about genetically superior bloodline!

This was the airport situation. My family hates flying together, so la famiglia had to be divided into three flights. This was my team: Sis, 3 kiddos + brother (appearance in next picture). Clearly from the beginning, Sis already sensed she had a lot on her plate...
My Bro also carried his weight... but then we also caught him snoozing on the side while waiting for the airplane. hee hee cruel girls.

We were headed to the closest place possible with the easiest recall factor:

Yes, I have been to Hong Kong not once, but thrice already this year. No, I never get sick of HK, and YES, I still haven't found a reason to stop going back.

Actually, the selling factor why we ended up in Hong Kong was because Cathay Pacific had a "Buy 2 Get 1" package on airfare, complete with complimentary passes to HK Disneyland, accommodations at the Disneyland Hotel, and food vouchers to be used at the park. Come on. DEAL!


  1. Missing HK right now! We do need to travel again! And...that's the famous hotel room where you walked right through the connecting door into ahem...my brother's bed. Ahahahaha!

  2. homayged jean!!! all those pictures of food makes me want to go back to hk. just like you, i love going back to hk. there's just something about the city i don't mind going back to!



  3. roomie: NY here we come! and yes... please try to erase the memory of my in the boys' room. :(

    Lianne: Let's goooo! reunion ng ac hahahha

  4. Your blog is so nicely done.. well written and never boring! Please stop making blog holidays.. my week is never complete without reading TOT.

    Are you some sort of a food photog? Your pictures are amazing!!!


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