hk = heart killer

Last week I was in HK for a quasi-business trip. Supposedly to attend some expos and shows, the trip ended up being more of a slow walking tour of the jewelry shops north of my HK hotel. The non business side of the trip was just crappy. Slow walking and HK streets just don't mix.
On the flipside, I had some pretty good meals during my stint which alleviated the stress I endured during the entirety. No explanations. All the meals were memorable. See? When God closes a door, He opens a restaurant or two :)
Dinner at Padang Indonesian Resto
Coconut Milk with Grass Jelly Drink

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  1. Yum food overload! And...I always eat at that BK at Hong Kong Airport. Without fail. I had chicken nuggets before I boarded my flight back to LA.

  2. remember the chicken fries???? amaaaazing!


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