The Curious Case of the Custaroon Craze

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Back on hiatus! Sorry it was a long one... i couldn't help but indulge in all the goodness the holiday season had to offer (that in itself will earn its own post).

The best things about the holidays are definitely the gifts for me. I wont lie. I love receiving goodies and surprises and kind gestures. This one gesture was the motherload of it all. It's like the gift that keeps on giving, personally as well as uncontrollably.

I'm talking about the Custaroons...
So I receive a box of Custaroon Poppers from a cousin during one of our christmas parties (those parties, shall again receive their own post). The box was a delight to receive on its own, Robin's egg blue with a nice little hind of Gold binder to make it more delectable to the palate
I receive the small box and open it. Lo and behold, a cute sticker with a little instructional guide. I am a complete sucker for tiny snippets of consideration and thoughtfulness.
The packaging... talk about eye candy on its own. Beautifully packaged and definitely handled with care, this preview of what's to come excited me. "Shake box to coat poppers with powder," it said. Clearly, I was getting excited.
The photo doesn't do it justice, but basically it looked like a heaping of truffles doused in cocoa powder. Not the cheap kind, I can taste knockoff from a mile away.

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  1. Those poppers look to die for. I want! I like how you use the word 'biggified'. Is that even a word?? Ahahaha.

    Oh and I was thinking about your FB status today on my drive home. You need to fill yourself up chick. It's hard, but you can do it. Go diving. Do yoga. Write in a journal. And always know that your roommie is there for you!

  2. i am one of the lucky ones who received this from you!!! sooo yummy... now im craving for them. i wanna try the real custaroons too!!! the cheesier ones... but darn... im really craving!!!

  3. UPDATE!!! If you order custaroons or poppers from Gigi, mention TripOrTreats and get a 10% discount off from your total order! Kaching!!! Thanks Gigi!

  4. Oh my.. sounds yummy and sinful!

  5. C: I am sending you a box thru my Dad on tuesday!

    Rons: arent they divine? I'm so glad Gigi is giving ToT peeps discounts!

    Ruby: Order na! and mention ToT! discount!

  6. Thanks for the wonderful holiday surprise! I want to try those custaroons!!! They loook soooo goood! But later on na.. the holidays are over, time to be good.. haha :)

  7. got a box for christmas and they are HEAVENLY!


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