My Christmas Treats and Trip

This Christmas, oddly enough, felt like it came too late. I wasn't really feeling the Christmas spirit til I entered the malls in search of last minute gifts. Maybe it's about growing up and instead of being the excited kid awaiting presents, I am now the unexcited godmother and gift giver extraordinaire.

But on the eve of Christmas, I was inspired by this sight while driving from a grocery trip.
This is a yearly tradition for this house in J.P Rizal, better known as Guadalupe. On regular days, this house is just plain jane, nothing worth taking a second look at. But whenever Christmas nears, the family members and then some literally deck the halls and the roof and the balcony and even the gutter with lights, and Santa, and so much Christmas decor it would conjure up memories of C.O.D. in Cubao back in the 80s when their balcony would unfold the Christmas Dolls Special. Does anybody remember that?
It made me pull out all the stops on the last day before Christmas, put on my invisi-apron and began the tradition known as our famiglia's Christmas Eve Dinner.
I also love the moment when we pull out the Christmas China from back in the days. I remember these from the very first Christmas I can recall. So we made sure that this dinner would go back... wayyyyy back.

This was a special one, going back to the good old days of our Lola (granny) from my Mom's side. We would always spend Christmas eve at her place and eat traditional Filipino dishes that were made by her loyal cook. We were also sick and tired of all the steak we've been eating from our fridge and parties that it elicited a 21-email conversation from the entire family re the Christmas menu and if I were to make my ginormous Rib eye Roast. It ended, of course, when the not-so-fat (aka mom) lady sang and put her foot down and said NO STEAK, YES FILIPINO.
Step One: Bake the yummy Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcakes!
Dessert Comes First!
Grapes, Cherries, Chestnuts, Pomelo, Conti's Chocolate and Mango Cake, 2 types of Suman (sticky rice roll), Sans Rival (Capampangan dessert with cashews, loads of butter and nougat) and Buko Pandan Jelly... You would not guess we had a history of Diabetes.
Meat & Sausage Platter
I personally bought, sliced, and plated these wonderful meatie beauties. Bratwurst, Hungarian, Italian Garlic Sausage + Prosciutto, Salami and Salsichon

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  1. Chick. This post is food overload. I got full (and tired) just thinking how much you ate. Uuuffff.

  2. i'd like to suggest that when you have blogs about "home feasts", can you give tips on where to buy the food items or if they are cooked at home,the recipe. I like throwing dinners at home as well and would like to do it the same way you do. For example, im sure im not the only reader here who would want to know where you got the cheeses and deli meats. Your guidelines on menu planning meaning which food items go well together.

    Btw, kare kare is ox tail and tripe in a peanut and atsuete stew. Buro( fermented rice) is best paired with Mustasa(mustard) leaves and grilled Dalag(Mudfish) or hito(catfish).

  3. jean!

    of course I remember : )
    how's hotel elizabeth?

    i just arrived from spending
    the holidays in frozen toronto
    with my brother and his family, but
    i can't wait to go up to chilly baguio!

    i'm McLovin' the food pics in your blog.

    text me if you want to order
    The Wonder Years, so I can ask my
    friend to expedite your DVDs : )


  4. chick: major overload. still trying to unreap the benefits of that humongous meal... :(

    Anon: I agree.. will do that more.. i just get so excited about food in our house i completely forget to describe it! and we didnt have Mustasa, but Kang Kong

    Spanx: HE is GREAT! Hotel Of The Year in Baguio 3 years in a row! Thank I really want the DVD i emailed but no one replied!

  5. i want to order rellenong bangus, may favorite. please......

    please email me at katzdric@yahoo.com


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