The Best of Bohol

Finally after all the craziness that is life these past 2 weeks, I begin my tale that is my Bohol family trip. Bohol, the eponymous island known for the subliminal Chocolate Hills, is like the gift that keeps on giving. Not only are the hundreds of Kisses-like mountains a highlight, there are so many sights and activities for tourists local and foreign alike.

Bohol has been touted as the next best beach location next to Boracay, with Alona Beach as a baby version of White Beach. Located in the Visayas region, a plane ride from Manila takes you to Tagbilaran City, where the main tourist attractions lie. A 30 min. drive takes you to Panglao island where most of the beach resorts are.
(that would be me on the white sandy strip)
The sand is sugary white just like Bora, but with less bars and crazy Manila people who look like they're in Makati but in bikinis. Although we came during the habagat, or rainy season, its charm is still visible.
Of course, what would I do when placed on a beach, let alone clear blue water with beautiful visibility? Hello, I'll dive. The parentals, of course, did not realize my hidden agenda until I boarded the plane with my dive luggage in tow. I asked my friend, diving legend Gigi Santos, who is President GMA's dive instructor, for leads on who to trust in terms of diving; because the last thing I need is some seedy dive master who might try to sell me to the next fisherman.
Enter ProSafari Dive Center. Pro Safari is probably the longest operating dive outfit in Bohol. It was highly recommended by Gigi, so hello, I'd take her word anytime. 
Darwin, the owner/manager, was quite accommodating, given I was slightly makulit (annoying, persistent, annoyingly persistent) because I heard such great things about the diving in Panglao. I, like any female, also kept changing my mind and calling him on the smallest of things; he kept his cool and made sure I got what I needed.
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  1. Bohol is the place to be! :)

  2. My family dined at the Rio Verde, Bohol last May 29, 2010. They do not honor my Senior Citizen card for the meal. Why? Why? The girl in the counter told me that what we pay for ( PhP400) was all for the meal.. and precisely why I should get a 20% discount. To whom do we report this to? I'm talking for and in behalf of all the Senior Citizens of the country.

  3. Hi Ma'am.

    Sorry for the late response, but I believe you can contact BBB (Better Business Bureau) or DTI for this

  4. I can't wait for our Bohol 2 weeks from now! This is going to be really exciting!http://www.cdokay.com/

  5. Wow. The photos really looks amazing! I've never been to this place. I hope i can visit inspite of my hectic schedules :( , so how much did you guys spent with this trip?

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