Easter Treats from my Tooth Fairy AND my Dentist

On the same day as my arrival from my Palau Dive Trip, my parents arrived from a short US trip. They met up with my aunt, aka ToT's Tooth Fairy, responsible for my out of this world goodie stash, as well as my existing and pending root canals.
Of course, she never forgets to send me something even if it's something small... This time though, her Easter treat for me was anything but.
To demonstrate, here is Jimmy Choo next to this ginormous wooden box much bigger than a chess board when opened. Clearly, when it comes to the good stuff, the Choo knows to stay close.
It was an exquisite box of Pralinen Auslese by Viennese chocolatier Confiserie Heindl
The packaging was delicate and traditional. Something I know i will keep long after the sugary sweets are gone.  The best thing about the box is that it keeps the chocolates cool even during the day, so no need for refrigeration that would massacre the texture of chocolate.
It was like my own little chocolate factory. WHY!!! Why do I always get the good stuff when I vow I'll slowly walk away from the bad things and begin my diet?
Eleven different kinds of pralines and truffles, each with a special liquer or ganache filling inside. I'm not a big chocolate liquer type of person, but I couldn't resist a few.
I especially liked this one, Cherry Cordial, but it was soooo syrupy I had to let some dribble down my plate. Don't worry. Ive only tried 3 of them. I'm saving them for a special occasion when there are guests around and I can show of my guest hosting skills.
Now I'm not sure how it is remotely possible that I eat everything without turning to a blimp, I still have my old stash of goodies from my Aunt the last time she and my mother saw each other.
And since the box is too beautiful, I think I'll save it for our housemoving days (yes, ToT is moving) when guests arrive and I can offer them a truffle with their coffee after dessert.
 Or I could just eat it all with the Choo by my side. It depends.

And then, a few days ago, my aunt Joy aka Second Mother while a not-really-starving-college-student-in-California, arrived with a goodie bag, Literally.
She knows I love Whole Foods and the over-intellectualized products which really make you feel like you are a conscious shopper.
And of course, what does my dentist bring me but more chocolate! More Vosges!!! Macha Green Tea and Habana bars, Truffle Pig chocolates and Clif Mojo Bars. I have yet to try them all, but I have this very suspicious feeling that the forces around me are conspiring to keep me fat this summer season. Gulp.
I'm so fortunate for people who appreciate my pure adulation for fine things, be it good food, cute packaging, or memorable moments. At least they know their efforts don't go unnoticed when it passes through my palate!

Discover Confisserie Heindl and their world of goodies! Thanks ToT Tooth Fairy!


  1. Choobear looks old!! And the look on his face says: my box biatch! Off to eat a Cadbury Creme egg now...you've jumpstarted my chocolate craving.

  2. he is just puffy, need to give him a puppy cute then he'll ba all young and cute again. There's an update. Tita joy got me more Vosges and Truffle Pigs! will post it later after diving with Jasmine and Justina


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