Dinners at Homes

 Last week we had back to back dinners at home, one at our place and another for my mom's BFF at her lovely home. But let me warn you, the images below are not an accurate representation of our home cooked meals. Ok fine, save for the steak and the occasional lobster and food, we don't really pull out the good china. 
Since childhood, my family always valued good food whether made from scratch or restaurant bought. And probably like every other Filipino family, food is the ultimate form of courtesy, affection, and usual overcompensation device for such  issues as lack of attention (as a child), lack of entertainment (at a party, unless it's karaoke), or lack of subject matter (just keep your mouth full so you don't have to speak!)

My much loved aunt from Chicago arrived with a nice big box of pasalubong for the entire family: an entire case of Maine lobsters!!! Being seafood addicts, we welcomed this wholeheartedly. My mother insisted, it must be surf n turf night!
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  1. Ohhh lala! I got hungry looking at those pics! How I wish people in our house also know how to cook such lovely dishes. :D

  2. Glich: it's all about the food love! we dont eat formal. as in kamayan. Imagine my brother ate the lobster with suka and bagoong!


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