Expressamente by Illy in T3!

Waking up at 4am is a total drag. Waking up at 4am to get to a 620a flight is just plain mean, unless it is a trip that involves diving. That's what I've been doing every two weeks, is get up before the crack of dawn to do a day business trip to Cebu and then come home after about 14 hours.
Usually I take Cebu Pacific for local because of their hard to beat prices. But the crap part is the limitations of food options, especially for breakfast, at the Terminal 3, or T3, NAIA airport. Well, almost all the airports here have limited selection so I shouldn't bitch. I almost always end up at the Jamaican Pattie stand because a spicy meat pattie is the only thing that can wake up my sleepy self at that time.
Until I spotted this, an Espressamente cafe stand by Illy!
I don't drink much coffee, and only take it when I really need something to perk me up. So I was pleasantly surprised to find this new addition to the airport. It reminded me of my cappucino days back in Florence. Cue memory lane.
To Cafe Liberta, the nearby Cafe by Pepperdine's Florence Campus where I lived and took classes at the same time. Inside the bar is Max, the bar manager who I absolutely adore. We are still FB friends
Our second day in coming from California, me and my classmates already declared Cafe Liberta the study spot of the semester
Where I would literally shake from caffeine consumption because of their delicious cappucinos with cocoa hearts. Senza Zucchero (no sugar)
Look at the cute cups that line the exterior of the stainless bar
They even have nice Italian treats like pizza breads, pannini & tiramisu
 Just like Cafe Liberta's Dessert chest
And San Pellegrino Aranciata & Limonata! Right next to the Royal Tru-Orange, of course. Remember my adulation for this drink?
 Just like the old barista at Liberta...
The Barista at Espressamente was very quick, courteous and befitting that of an Italiano counterpart. I ordered my drink, and he went straight to preparing it. Wait a minute, zoom in please?!
Is this WINE I see??? Omg screw the early morning coffee, I'm having myself some Chianti! Just kidding, but I'm glad that they have decent Ruffino wine in those cases I find myself at the airport with a delayed flight and need to drown my angst and impatience. 
It's also the same brand that Peter Luger's Steakhouse in Brooklyn NY has on handy as their house wine. I keep 2 bottles of their premium chianti in my wine chiller at all times. Solid
Well, I didn't want to look alcoholic at 6am to the parentals, so I got a Cafe Viennese and a San Pellegrino Aranciata (Orangeade) for the flight. Because no way in hell am I paying P50 for a bottle of Viva Mineral Water. Unless, I'm not in Manila and it's Acqua Panna. Bratty, I know.
So I'm now a little more excited to fly my business trips for the day because of Espressamente. Because I know i can get my Italian coffee fix, or just get sloshed on the way there so I don't have to feel bad about waking up early. Coz, you know, that's how I roll. Haha. Here's to Caffeine Jolts and Frequent Flier Miles!
Coffee at Caffe Liberta

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  1. Ruffino chianti is the best! My Favorite :)


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