Sweet Tooth Disposition

I am in love with the song Sweet Disposition. Especially these past few days, just hearing it brings me back to Malibu, driving with my windows down on Pacific Coast Highway... Aaaaahhhhh love.

I'm not gonna lie, I am a sucker for gifts and surprises. More than the big gestures and productions, I appreciate more the little things done with extra love and attention.  Especially with the Valentines season still looming, I still get all giggly when I hear of thoughtful stories of proposals, surprises, and dates.

I was actually in Baguio for Valentines weekend, but not on a date. No, I decided since I am dateless that everyone in our company be my valentine's date. So I booked our three-day leadership seminar on that weekend. Valentines weekend. Trust me, the looks I received were not very expressive, but I'm positive I heard someone inject 'cold heartless bitch' whilst supposedly coughing.

Since my mother had just arrived after a major spree in the States, I immediately scoured her luggage for goodies that were for me. Well.. this one didn't really have my name on it, but I knew who they were from, and anything my Aunt C from Chicago would give, I will take with open arms and a hoarding spirit.
This was the Stash: Chocolate!!!
Vosges Haut Chocolat bars, a box of Truffle Truffles, Sarah's Dark Chocolate Delights & Terry's Toffee

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  1. I want to try the Vosges chocolate + bacon flavor! Maybe I will go treat myself this weekend. Or wait, i'll wait until after my triathlon. Maybe not since i'm not good with waiting. I also promised myself a few cupcakes. Will be thinking of you when I eat it all!

  2. Yes, I've tried Bacon covered chocolates before (not Vosges) and it was DELICIOUS!!!! Like savory chocolate. Lol. Of course you will think of me. We are soulmates in that matter

  3. wow those look sinfully good :)


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