Terry's Treats

I recently went through a spanish phase... where everything ingested must be birthed from either barcelona, catalana, or the subsects of Spain. When such a phase happens, I must head to Terry's Selection
3rd floor delicatessen side
The branch at the Podium is so convenient from work that the fam usually goes there for some lunch. I like Podium for the grocery style appeal where it feels like shopping in New York or even in Barcelona itself. But this time, I wanted to try something different and headed to the Makati branch... the treasure is found on the third floor
The third floor of the Salcedo branch of Terry's is somewhat of a hidden gem. It's two flights up really steep stairs, and not very many people want to climb that high, but that's where the deli section is, and there are only about 2 tables on the top floor, making it an intimate dining setting amidst bottles of vino, vats of olio, and slices of jamon iberico.

Julius, super attentive server/sommelier. Look for him
The clincher must have been Julius, who is the most serviceable server I have met. Short of wiping my mouth with my napkin, he was on his toes, in service, all the time. And to think, he had to go back and forth the 1st and 3rd floor to get our wine, bread, blahblahblah... A MUST look to for him and leave a ginormous tip.
nice chilled rose for the meal
I like a good red when taking in Spanish fare, but a nice chilly rose is very refreshing. that bottle was especially nice.

Angulas w Garlic
 OK... so Angulas is not noodles, nor worms. Angulas is baby eel steeped in some brine, and served on sizzling olive oil. This is a mainstay for me because the flavor is so mild and garlicky, you just can't resist to try it. 
Food styling
Even when you look hard enough... you can't see the eyes! I tried looking.. but yep, they are baby eels indeed.

Croquetas w Jamon Serrano & Pollo
Terry's croquetas are someone of a delusion, because they have a crispy shell encompassing an almost creamy filling of potatoes, ham and chicken. I especially like it with garlic aioli and make sure to get an extra serving to cover the entire croquette. My mother always tells me this is fattening and I absolutely agree with her. But my tummy just cant quit it! :(

Paella Valenciana
But the motherlode of Terry's, as in any Spanish restaurant, is the Paella. Their Paella Valenciana is  the perfect concoction of arborio rice made aromatic by some saffron, plumped up by some seafood, chicken, bell peppers,  and seasoned with lemons for zest. I like a runny paella and nothing makes me cringe more than spooning up a nice portion of the rice dish only to find out it has the consistency of cooked brown rice (health nuts, you know what I'm talking about). 

I distinctly remember this paella experience... slightly watery and al dente, with a nice crunch from the burnbits at the bottom of the clay dish. Oozing with flavors of seafood, poulty and red peppers, it becomes the ultimate comfort food for those who want to forget their problems with some vino and some overwhelming flavors lingering in their palate.

Sad to say, my Espanyol addiction lasted for a long time, so I went to Terry's more than once... but this should entice all of you to come follow the madness.

To sop up some Angulas at Terry's, check out the one below:
Lower Ground Level, The Podium
18 ADB Ave.Ortigas Center
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
Phone Number: 636-3513


  1. Hmmmm paella...this makes my mouth water. And makes me want to drive down to SD to Costa Brava and eat some good Spanish food. But NOBODY here is crazy/loves food too much to make the trip with me :(

  2. that other crazy person would be me roommie! LOL. I'll go to Bali with you!


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