Love, Lamb and Lull at LU

This is ZE classic case of a much needed Hail Mary pass.

For those not into the whole Football lingo, a Hail Mary pass is one you attempt when the clock is about to run out, when you know that all hope is down the drain, and whatever pass/kick/maneuver you do is nothing more than some movement doused with prayer in hopes to score/win/accomplish the impossible. This was a major Hail Mary pass moment.
After a long hiatus, the girlfriends met up for some drinks and dishes at LU. Much lauded by the media, from ANC to Rogue magazine, Our Awesome Planet, to other media and lifestyle reads, LU is the brainchild of Luis de Terry, Terry's Selection's son. Terry's is one of my fave Spanish haunts.  Noted as a Moroccan resto, LU serves up dishes from around the world, leaning towards the spice laden, exotic cuisine of Eastern Europe. I was excited. I really wanted some Moroccan.
The interiors are sleek and sharp, lending a modern canvas to the very colorful and varied menu. I arrived early, and started my night early with cocktail #1:
Fresh pomelo and lime muddled in premium coconut vodka
When I lived in Firenze, my libation of choice was always the Caipriosska, and I am forever in lust for the pomelo, so this was just perfect for me. Although this version was a little off, since Caipriosska (how Italians spelled it) is usually brown sugar and lime muddled in vodka, it was still delicious and refreshing. Usually macerated strawberries are the accompaniment, but pomelo was such a smart Filipino alternative.  I loved the chunky bits so much, the server caught me fishing for them with my stirrer. He quickly handed me over a teaspoon. A little more finesse please Ms. ToT!
LU's Favorite Trio of Dips: Hummus Beirouty, Eggplant Caviar & Pico de Gallo
I realized I was a half hour early than call time, so I ordered some starters to nibble on before the rest of the table arrived. It was everything I wanted right at that very minute, small bite size pieces of unleavened bread with some spreadable edibles.
The Hummus was tasty, with a dash of paprika
When one of my dates arrived, I noticed my bread count was running low, and immediately the server replenished my stash with a brand new bowl of little unleavened crackers. Check mark on my service point scale.
Upon arriving, G said I must try the Diab-LU, 'a fantabulous lemon, mint & gin slush,' that sounded a lot like a mojito. YUM. I ended up having 3 more of these. I don't remember how I drove home in one piece.
G, who previously dined here, said I also must have the Queso Fundido, which is not found on the menu, hence, you must pseudo convince the server that you are cool enough to have it. And yes, I am a sucker for those special hard to find dishes and this was one of them. It came out sizzling hot with gooey goodness
Queso Fundido is a basically chorizo bits & goobers of cheese melted and sizzled in a clay bowl. You put a spoonful onto a cracker, and BAM! Spicy, cheesy deliciousness. THIS is something you have to order outside the menu, so don't forget the name... or describe it the way I just did, I'm sure they'll know what you want.

So the table got filled, and everyones orders were sent to the kitchen. Here's where the suspense begins.... eeeep.

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  1. I love your writing chick! The pasta looks a lot better than it sounds. What a shame though. I would have been pissed. An hour for that? At least your dish came first, ahahaha.

  2. i know. thats why i kept quiet while everyone had a crappy look on their hungry faces... but man, what a hail mary pass. it was like magic! poof!

  3. a sleep deprived haciendero accompanied by his food deprived gf is not a good mix!!! hahahaha! i think LU was just having a really bad day when we ate there. I got my cheeeeessssssyyy fix but i think it couldve done better. and obviously D wasnt toooooo happy with his lamb after driving 4 hours to manila! seriously. how hard is it to cook pasta. and the soup. the soooooooup. i thought it was the cream based type of soup but NOOOO!!! hahahaha! but i'll definitely go back to LU if only for that damn p&b&j cookie!!!

  4. i wanna try this!!! i have to agree though.. the pasta sounds super good! i love lamb pa naman! as for the soup.. the way it looked kinda reminded me of tom yum soup! on mac n cheese, whats better? lu or mr. jones?

  5. i think they got so busy trying to figure out what queso fundido was since it wasn't on the menu, that they lost focus on the other orders.:) That queso fundido looks really good!

    Whats a PBJ sandwich?

    Is the mexican steak good for sharing ? because from the look of it in the picture, it is huge.

  6. very good review ToT! some friends from Bacolod and I went there last Tuesday around 1030pm for dessert and some nightcap but they were close already. I will definitely try LU out, i mean the food haha. The caipiroska looks thirst (alcohol) quenching, I'm excited to try the Queso Fundido specially when you mentioned there is CHORIZO in it!! And that Arrachera Hanger Steak look DAMN GOOD!!!


  7. Kara: AHAHAHA must eat there again! Where's our next dindin date on mon?

    Rons: Yes, I want it sooo baaaad. The Mac & Cheese has nothing on Mr. Jones. It was a bit dry, sayang ang bango pa naman.

    Anon: NO the queso fundido is in the hidden stash of specialties not found on the menu.Sayang.

    PB&J: Peanut butter, Banana & Jelly. And yes, the steak was to die for and super good deal for the amount and price.

    G: Let's gooooooooo

  8. I do not remember this dinner, I think I was so traumatized, I blocked it out of my memory. Hahaha! I do intend to give LU another try, I mean, he's the son of Terry, and the acorn shouldn't fall that far from the tree right? Maybe I will go back if I'm not catching a movie and have ALL night. Ugh, I'm still bitter over my half meal. As Gils said, "Mahirap kalabanin ang gutom." But I say, masmahirap kalabanin ang buntis na gutom!

    You're right about the PBJ dessert, kinda plain looking, but OMG good. I'm constantly pressured by the hubby to cook up something like it. A true hail Mary pass.

    I hope Lu reads this and offers us a free meal, then I'll order that Mexican platter and have it ALL to myself :d

  9. 36 hours of not sleeping cannot be paid by some pb&j cookie! my 8 year old nephew makes one hell of a pb&j sandwich. and hes the son of my sister! thats all folks! hehe


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