Maiden Voyage at Madison

I love lunches, more than dinners. Usually lunches become working lunches, only taking a break to grab a bite when the baon arrives from home. But when time permits, I try to go out and enjoy the sun...So when I had a few hours in between meetings, I hollered at a friend and headed to Greenbelt 5 for lunch.
We picked Madison Grill, because Mesa was filled up. I love their logo. Also, it's another Culinary venture of Chef Sau Del Rosario, of Chelsea Market and Mr. Jones fame, so I was sold immediately. I am also slightly obsessed with him, hence my culinary following of all his restos.
The al fresco area was very inviting, but the heat of the afternoon sun was not very appealing. And we looked cute, so no bueno if we start sweating. I was definitely channeling Sunday Soho brunches in the Big Apple.

Upon entering, it felt like a breath of fresh air! A wine cellar, long butcher's table and interesting trinkets feeds your eyes and lends a warmth that would usually be found in a country lodge in the Hamptons. I especially loved the exposed wood burning oven and pizza station, which makes me regret not ordering the carb-loaded wonder. My friend C was completely chic posing with the posh interior.

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  1. I think this place deserves another chance. Fonta did the food photography for Madison just last friday and he couldn't stop raving about the pizza! Maybe we ordered wrong?? They do have a brick oven, after all. Let's go back and try again. If all else fails, at least we'll have GLASSES of Mojitos and tea to look forward to at the end of the meal.

    Thanks for the shout-out about FLOW! Correction tho - it was Jack from Nightmare before Christmas and not Jack in the box, haha!

    Let's lunch soon. My week is definitely made better by one long lunch opportunity or two. It's such a great escape, makes me feel like I'm back in Nyc/Spain for a few hours which is great because ... hmmmm do i still have to remind you how much we all miss it??

    See you for LU redemption night on Monday! xx

  2. Wow, the interior is amazing. I want to sit there and soak it all up. What a shame the salmon wasn't cooked properly. Presentation is simple but beautiful. At least it looks good!

  3. hey let's grab food sometime.. heard of this small (suppposedly really good) steak house around here in valero.. do you know what it is?

  4. Hey, Jean!

    My brother was the chef de cuisine of Madison from its inception in Trinoma to Greenbelt 5 until last year. It was his baby upon coming back home from his culinary adventures in Atlanta & L.A. He's then moved on to Baja Mexican Cantina in GB3.

    We haven't been to Madison since he left and I noticed the entrees you had are new additions in the menu. Anyway, back then we always came back for the pizzas. A favorite is the Vigan Longganisa & Salted Egg Pizza or you can make or own too. The Carbonara is creamy and rich as well as the Classic Caesar Salad with a slab of bacon. The Grilled Seafood Pasta w/ Tomato Vodka Sauce is another fave. The Ultimate Burger, steaks & ribs are great too.

    By the way, if you're going back to Lu try the lemon yogurt cheesecake. Soo good! A great balance to the richness of the PB&J tart.

  5. Ok guys, I think this deserves another chance! C here we goooo it's pizza time!

    Roomie: must discuss June plans, might end up going on a euro cruise with ze fam til June 6, then i fly to LA JIT for U2.... October?

    G: steak. Now na before lent i'm giving up mean

    Jen: Thanks for the tip! you got me all excited!


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