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I miss movie nights. I especially miss hoarding all the popcorn and candy at the AMCs or United theaters in the States. But in all honestly, Manila cinemas are the shiznitz for seat comfort, food variation (who would think, Binalot!) and unwaivering cold ac.

So imagine my jubilations when my girlfriend C sends me an insta-sms asking me to be her date to a movie. I ask which movie, she answered, and the rest is history...

Well not really.

Julia & Julie is THE film I was dying to watch. Beyond Meryll Streep's overabundant personification of ze Julia Child, it is the plot of a twentysomething lady with a lot of "duh" on her head who decides to blog about food. Specifically, a one year cook-off from Ms. Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. (Note to self: get a copy of the book)
While waiting in line, we were greeted by these adorable women dressed up in Le Cordon Bleu outfits, which is where Julia Childs took up her culinary studies
C with her goodies at hand
Then, more LCB clad ladies began giving us treats for our show. TREAT! Hello Santa, I've been a good Trip or Treater!
The gourmet sandwiches from Barbara's Kitchen were delish, and was perfectly apt for the film because, uhm, a film about french cuisine might still feel snooty over Chippy or Jamaican Pattie. The Lean & Light drink I was not a fan off, considering it was laced in sugar and other sugar cousins yet was promoted as the next big health drink
Still, C & ToT couldn't resist. The pull of butter and popcorn married together was too strong, and we couldn't resist. and Damnit! It was GOOD! (Note to Self: Buy popcorn at powerplant on a Tuesday)
We weren't even halfway and our grub was running empty. Good thing there were enough laughs and hearty chuckles too keep us satisfied the entire time.

Clearly, the movie left us... well, famished! From talks of butter, and wine and more fat and this and that, the movie bunch was desperate for a late night fix.

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