Tripping on Tate's

So......I've been sickly for what seems like forever. While not the swine-flu, I have the flu from hell which resurrects itself now and then and leaves me all blah and gross. I need love, and comfort, and love, in the form of goodies....

Here's the problem... I seem to be oblivious to the barriers and continents hindering the cultivation of my cravings. This doesn't always happen, but living in different crannies in the world does not a content tummy make. And coz I'm sick, I must have the essential feel good items. No matter what the circumstances. This is especially true when it comes "ze cookie".
It started with Famous Amos... those tiny, bite size,, melt in your mouth nibblets found in SM Megamall in the 90s, and in vending machines in the US. The latter version are crunchy and mass produced and packed to last a lifetime. The Megamall version is perfectly cooked on the spot, warm and gooey, and engulfs the ground level of Building A with the hypnotizing aroma of brown sugar, cookie dough and chocolate. That just wins daydreams for me.
Then came the 2000s... I first met Tate's in the goodie bag of my Aunt C, purveyor of all things Martha Stewart-esque and yummy. Hailing from the windy city, her daughter owns Olivia's Market one of Chi-town's cutest deli and keeper of delectable hand-picked goods such as Vosges chocolates (unbelievably exorbitant but oh so seductive, and it's chocolate!), Orangina (this deserves a post on its own), and Tate's cookies.
Tate's Tate's Tate's. How do I love thee? Allow me to visualize the experience.... these paper thin cookies look more like Milano cookies than flavor vaults. The cookie is crispy, which doesn't usually translate well for me since i like a gooey chewy cookie. When it hits my mouth, and my tongue gets its first tinge of butter, and more butter, and chocolate chip, and caramelized sugar... two words - flavor orgasm. The delicate cookie starts melting in my mouth, with the faintest hint of sweet butter still lingering in my mouth. This experience leaves me reaching for a second cookie... a third... a fourth... and before I know it... (it's gone!)
Can a singular piece of baked goodie hold Bobby Flay's Throwdown test? You betcha! It's so hypnotizing that I had to lovingly ask my girlfriend K's boylet (living in Chicago) to carry my "package" back to Manila to feed my cookie craze. Little did he know that my online order for the cookies meant a tiny balikbayan (returning Pinoy) box filled with packs and packs of Tate's!
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  1. well I aint making up ang lame excuses for this... Me and my "friend" are cookie lovers... We often try to give each other cookies from a place that the other hasn't gone to. So here is my chance to finally win the battle of the cookies so please please please can I have it? Maybe after this we won't be "friends" anymore and more like lovers... :)

    Earl Gerard Chua

  2. What a quaint little shop...that would make me spend $100 as well. Want those cookies! Going to Bay Cities this weekend to buy me some. Ooooh...and I think I will get my boss some for Christmas, even though she's a diabetic, hee hee. Miss you and feel better babe!

  3. Is this better than pili cakes?

  4. i'm intrigued about the cookie. not so much about winning the giveaway. but I kowtow to your generosity Jean. you are blessed beyond belief. may your heart stay sweet and soft.

  5. You should give them to me cos I went all the way to k-town to pick those cookies up, spent the rest of the night walking around with a giant shoebox full of goodies and then hand-carried them home to Manila. If that's not love, i dont know what is! Haha :)

  6. My friends have considered me as Mr. Sweet-Tooth and have gained the credibility of saying what is good and what is not when in comes to sweets - particularly amongst my favorites such as cakes, ice cream, chocolates, and yes even cookies.

    Though I may not have the pleasure of trying goodies outside of our country since I am confined only to local choices, I would say my taste is the real deal (im' sure Mucho Guaps would attest to this!).

    Let me share my favorite sweets witcha:
    Ice-cream - Nestle's Loaded Cookies & Cream or Ube flavor
    Cake/s - Conti's Bananalicious Cake and/or Mom & Tina's White Toblerone Walnut
    Chocolates - Chocnut
    Cookies - Sizzling Plate's (in Baguio) Lengua de Gato (formerly Mrs. Fields's 1 bag of various choco chip cookies on sale the next day)

    Do you think Tate's chocolate chip cookie deserves to be in my list of all time faves?

    If yes, then send me 2 bags please. 1 may not be enough to convince me.


  7. DV:
    ask from your friend. he has a secret stash.

  8. already did. he only wants to give me a piece. don't even know if there's some left.

    it's your deadline. should i give my address? : )

  9. Ok... it's the deadline date.

    I gotta hand it to Earl... nothing makes me smile more than a mushball attempt at finding love. And come on, I would never pass up an opportunity to be part of a love story, even if i'm just the accessory to the crime :)

    I'll email you soon! i better be part of the entourage if my cookies seal the deal!

  10. yeah tate's is pretty awesome! i just discovered it last year. its so dangerous they sell it at the lobby shop of my office building =)

  11. You can buy the Tate's Bakeshop Cookbook on Amazon and have the cookies whenever you crave.

  12. Guess what there's this place near work (walking distance) and they were selling Tate's cookies. It reminded me of this post.OMG!!!!!! it's soooooo good!! I'm addicted to it. Haven't tried the chocolate chip though but love, love the Oatmeal Raisin.


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