Dreaming of Damaso... Sigh

After being eternally bedridden these past three days to due a recurring flu aka trangkaso, I finally generated enough braincells to go back to finishing up the long list of blogs waiting to be written. For some reason, I've been itching to write this blog because, from what I remember of the nibbles and the bites... this was one good experience.

I'm quite convinced that my fingers wanted to type away because tasting absolutely nothing, on my sad little food tray brought to my bedside, just pisses me and my tummy off. Not to mention ToT. I NEED TO TASTE SOMETHING!

Last week, my (almost always mistaken as a fraternal twin) brother and I decide to go "malling" during the afternoon to check out some watches. Now the term "malling", if everyone remembers correctly, means heading out to the mall to chill out. I don't remember the last time I've done it past high school... but I remember a disturbing mention the term while he and some middle aged men were found strolling around the mall in the heat of the afternoon, malling. Shudder.

Anyway, one thing bro and I both share so generously is a never ending appetite and ever present desire to eat out. Having lived in LA together, I've infected his masculinity by introducing him to the haven that is Fred Segal's and coordinated garb, while he has killed my femininity by infecting me with his burly appetite. Being 6'1'', he needed someone dependable enough to eat next to his side through thick waist or thinning hair. From taking Pepperdine University's Waves Cafe and turning it into a degustation experience for college kids, we've graduated to actual degustations at Lolo Dads, Aubergine and Peter Luger's
For our afternoon delight date, we decide to set up shop in Greenbelt 5's Damaso restaurant, home of the infamous Brazo de Mercedes I so excitedly blogged about previously.
I have got to figure out where they got their chairs made, because they are so intricate! Damaso has a very small dining area, the indoor area almost encompassed by the bar and dessert station. I love the olive green decor and the old fil-victorian ambiance it emanates. The al fresco station is more popular with those who smoke, or don't care about sweating. lol.
Cute heart shaped.. which reminded me of Cafe Liberta

Read the entire post on the NEW ToT: http://www.triportreats.com/2009/09/25/dreaming-of-damaso-sigh/


  1. ooh i dont usually like rocky road but the RR candy looks gooooood! yum!

  2. its like the adult version of cloud9 or big bang. LOVE IT

  3. I'm not sure who made their chairs, but e. murio makes beautiful hand-woven chairs. 776-9622. www.emurio.com


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