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Dear President Obama: You are correct. WE are the one's we've been waiting for!

Dear Friends,

If you're aware or not, a vicious typhoon has hit Manila and flooded a big portion of the cities. There are many areas which were completely submerged in water, and many people resorting to climbing up on their roofs to get shelter from the rising water.

Feeding and helping someone during these trying times might be the catalyst for a saved life, as well as a fulfilled life for those who become part of the efforts. In this time, I feel like nothing I do is enough, I want to do more. SO MUCH MORE. But then I see that others around me are giving the same, giving more, doing more. And I know that it is enough. We are enough
Please click on the links to understand and see the extent of the damage
It is truly unfortunate what has happened, and this has inspired many of us who are fortunate enough to be unaffected to do something to help our people.  I'm organizing the following:

1. A relief operation for San Mateo Rizal, a badly hit area but low on the media radar. They are in dire need of food, clothing, water and the basics to restart their lives. I'll be buying goods and repacking them for the relief mission on Thursday. Things to buy are food, slippers, medicine, alcohol, soap, water, mats for beds and candles.

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  1. Jean, my suggestion, set up a new email account and post it, because not everybody knows your private account (and you don't want that inundated). Something like relief4flood@gmail.com. Until when will you be willing to receive funds?

  2. Thanks! I will continue receiving funds til the 14th. Most of it will go towards the soupkitchen drive which we are planning on doing for two weeks for 2000 people

    Let me know if you have further questions!


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