The Brazo That Made Me Convert

Filipinos around the world: Do you remember those parties back in the 80s/early 90s where the designated dessert was either Crema De Fruta and/or Brazo De Mercedes? Non Filipinos with Filipino friends: Have you or your loved one suffered thru a Filipino party wherein you were guilt tripped into eating either presentably challenged desserts?

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  1. San mig light and crema de fruta? That is just soo immoral dude! :-) hehe

    good job tho...can't wait to try this frozen brazo.

  2. i'm craving right now. I would love to join you and try that tuyo pasta...sounds good. love tuyo!!!

  3. its goooooood try try try! come home so i can take you there

  4. this might be too late, but i just got to read ur blog... do you know where i can buy a frozen brazo... i am a big lover of brazo, id love to try the frozen one... thanks!!


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