Haute Hawker at Lime88

As a rejoinder to previous retaliatory post about my supposed snooty food facade, please welcome part deux of my attempt to erase the myth that I do not eat below my social class. I bring you isaw (intestine), balut (duck fetus), kwek kwek (don't ask, I don't know either), and tuyo (cured fish).

With a twist, of course.

Exactly what Lime88 is all about, street food with a twist, as their tagline indicates.

My girlgroup and I just couldn't get enough of each other and decided to meet a second time in one week, which is all but rare, this time for some good old Filipino cuisine. I've been craving for isaw (intestine) for a while... so this was a perfect crave buster.
Lime88 is literally a house turned resto in the heart of Mandaluyong city. Entering the house gate feels like walking into one of those 80's soirees at some guy's house where chairs are propped by the garage, music blaring from the inside, and shabby chic lighting illuminates and sets the mood for soiree-ing. There is an indoor area complete with karaoke room, but we digressed, knowing for certain our Assumptionista gab would overpower any minus-one song by three decibels.The thought of beer garden also comes to mind, but hey were not picky, like some people think.
The trivia of the place lies in the owner chef, Archie Val Juanta. His resume boasts an impressive Senior Chef position at Ayala's M Cafe, chef at Paseo Uno at the Mandarin Hotel, and corporate chef of Hagen Daz, Max Brenner, Olivers, Tea n Therapy and Blue Steak and Bistro. Talk about street cred.

So we got hungry, and I got motherly, so I ordered for the table... and boy did I order!

Lime 88's menu boasts of some homegrown streetfood originally peddled by those men in carts, but prepared like a haute brasserie complete with food styling and extra luxe garnishes.
Kwek Kwek aka Quail Egg Tempura
w soy mirin glaze and sinamak (seasoned vinegar)
Usually fried and sold on the streets, the authentic kwekkwek (it sounds so nasty and kinky) is usually orange in color due to food coloring... or I don't know, maybe the peddlers use some crazy batter). I like the orchid touch though it didn't really do anything for the flavoring, it was quite timid. But a good starter because the other dishes amped up the flavor bombs.
Silken Tokwa + Crispy Tenga
(Silken tofu and pig's ear with sinamak soy dressing)
L88's take on Tokwa't Baboy (tofu+pork), I like that each component was separated. I also love silken tofu fried up. The pork ear was nice and crunch and really sinful... I seem to be the only one who enjoyed this, probably because my taste buds have been harnessed and well trained by three brothers and a famiglia of Capampangan (Pampanga natives) foodies.

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  1. Finally at last! :-)

    eating below your social class...haha!

    eversince i read your adobo blog from fuego (was it?) i remember "reducing the soy sauce/vinegar mix" when i make adobo now! REDUCE! word of the month! ;-)

  2. i just got to read your blogs again.. you've quite a few narin ah. good job!

  3. Thanks Biancs! Keep on reading and please share with your peeps!


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