Scuba ala Sogod Bay

Inexcusable, I know. After an almost two week hiatus from ToT I come back (hopefully) banging out post after post, since I'm recovering from a flu with some more clarity in my head literally from the flushing of congestion as well as the recapturing of some alone time. I haven't been boring, I've just been lazy. I promise I'll work on the procrastination bone.

So a few weeks back I went on an impromptu vaca for one of the numerous September long weekends and did what I love to do:
scuba!!! Everyone who's known me this past year can attest that I am gaga over scuba diving and all the technical gadgetry involving it. Save for the everpresent freckles and occasional jellyfish stings, scuba has literally changed my life, just like yoga. It gives me two things: one, the chance to explore yet another part of the world, this time not involving a plane, train or sneakers; the other, the opportunity to get to meet the delicious plethora of seafood that I absolutely adore seeing on my dining table. Hey, my stomach thinks first, I'm just being honest :) So my long weekend destination of choice: Sogod Bay. Sogod wha?!? Yes, its not really on the diving map just yet, as more accessible places like Anilao and Puerto Galera and more famous finds like Tubbataha and Apo Reef, are more on the list of dive locations. But the dive crew is always on the lookout for the next best thing, so we were lucky when A got in touch with his dive guide from Palau who recently moved back to his motherland to start anew in the hidden gem that is Sogod Bay.
Sogod Bay is located three hours from the heart of Leyte. Leyte, as history taught us, is the infamous spot where General MacArthur came to walk on the ocean with his troops saying the magic words: I shall return. And return he did, to defend us from Japs who invaded Philippines during World War II. Who knew that the very ocean he got his boots wet on would later become a nice new spot for underwater trekking??? Supposedly the three hour van ride to the resort was mind numbing and gag-inducing... but I had no clue. Because our flight was at 4am, I was knocked out like a light till we were right there at the resort. I think I may have even drooled.
We stayed at Sogod Bay Scuba Resort, which I am pretty sure we decided on because their logo shows a very cute frog fish on the forefront.
The resort was very chill, no frills but definitely a relaxing joint wit a nice stretching beachfront where we got to enjoy beautiful sunsets from. 
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  1. Hello! I also go to Leyte during summer and I think the reason why they put up that bridge is for safety purposes. The curved road you see in the right side is like the 'entry to deathland' during rainy season with the road very close the mountainside which is very prone to landslides with killer cliff to the other side. For sure they have wasted a chunk of public funds trying to make that road passable and safe during all these years so I think putting up that bridge will make up for the road repairs and security. Years ago when we travel to tacloban in a rainy day no one will ever dare to travel that road and will take the other hi-way which adds 2 hours to travel time. What a pain eh?!
    Im glad you went to visit. Such a lovely place it is :)


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