Bollywood is Westwood for Indian

Nothing tickles my tastebuds like a plate full of spices and sauce. And no one does both better than Indian food.

Since living with my roommate C in Santa Monica, Indian food has been a staple cuisine in our tummies. Lunch runs to Ambala Dhaba on Westwood always ended up with C ordering her Chicken Tikka Masala (white meat, nonetheless), and my Lamb Saag, while sharing Samosas, Garlic Naan and Mango Lassis. It definitely helps to have an asian roommate who can not only rival my height (NOT asian size, that's for sure), but can also fight alongside my appetite.

In Manila, I've had some good Indian, and some bad Indian (shudderrrrr), but I always seem to go back to Bollywood. Kashmir in Pasay Road is also very very good, but sometimes it gets a bit tough on the wallet. Bollywood is the total package.
Bollywood is the ultimate Bombay trip. The space is brightly decorated with Indian movie posters, paintings and sarongs and beads. The festiveness of the decor almost makes you think this restaurant is a joke, but the food is authentic.
I usually order the usuals when I go Indian, and the usuals are always a hit when I order it in Bollywood. It's a little nod to my Ambhala Dhaba days with C and our Indian double dates.

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