Neo Neo Nyum Nyum Chicken!

Ok, so I got bothered because someone wanted to prove a dull point and told me that I seem to go only to fine dining restaurants; that I dare not eat in (shockers!) Zagat-less rated establishments or that I lack the diversity for food flair and extremity befit a foodie. Hello?!?
Kamayan sa dahon ng saging (walang tira!)
(eating with your hands on banana leaves) (no leftovers!)
Street food (ok fine it's in bangkok, but still!)
The ultimate pinoy piled on plate


kfc zinger +funshots = ultimate meal
Whaaaaatever... you don't know who you're dealing with.
A few Wednesdays back, I jetted off to Cebu for the day (gasp) to do some ocular inspections.

Flying in at 6am and leaving for Manila at 930p does not a happy Trip or Treater make. But it's work and you can't really bitch. It's also some travel time, which I never really pass up. Since I've taken advantage of the 488php GoLite fares from Cebu Pacific, the major perk is being able to lounge around the brand new NAIA Terminal III airport. I especially love it because, even at the earliest of flights, I get to enjoy some yummy Jamaican Patties from the Pattie stall on the left.

Read the entire post on the NEW ToT: http://www.triportreats.com/2009/09/17/neo-neo-nyum-nyum-chicken/


  1. Yuuuummm I shouldn't read your blog at night. I get the munchies. That chicken makes my mouth water. We have it in Indonesia as well, and the chicken actually comes grilled with the head and everything. So tiny compared to the huge birds here! But oh so tasty.

  2. WHO SAID you're SNOOTY??

    for me the best native chicken be it roasted or grilled...your bro brought me to Neo Neo last August...the chicken was so tasty and succulent one can do without the sawsawan...yummm!! made me drool on my keyboard again J!! till the next cookout...


  3. Diba Giac!?

    It's so good next time I think I'm bringing some home to Manila...

    Chants: the head... ahhhhh hahahaha i hate the comb though but i dont care much about the head. Miss our food trips


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