Italia-mania at C's

Being a temporary resident of a foreign country exposes you to so many different aspects of their culture: language, lifestyle and cuisine. Obviously, the latter is my favorite of all even though the others are still on my shortlist.

When mi studiare a Firenze, I made sure that no meal was left uneaten, no vino left uncorked, no cappuccino unsipped, no cured meat untouched, and no gelato unenjoyed. And here's proof!
Gelato craze
Pizza from Napoli
Fave meat shop for some Prosciutto
Ristorante Ciak for some Pasta Ciak
Cafe Liberta's signature cappuccino
Trattoria Za Za's mouthwatering Bistecca FiorentinaLimoncello shots at SpleenAcqua Al Due's Trio Di Bistecca Fiorentina: Balsamic, Blueberry and Filetto
The crap part about being exposed to such authenticity is the sheer frustration and withdrawal syndrome that follows suit when, upon returning to the motherland, one finds herself faced with faux-talian food that is reminiscent of 3M pizza or kiddie spaghetti with ketchup as base. I like them and still crave for them when I'm on children's party mode. But still... you can't mess with Italian!
So imagine our delight when, during a drive back from Subic, we enter the ristorante in Angeles of all places: C's
From the outside it doesn't look like much since it's in the same row as such aptly named girly bars as "Foxy's" "Foxy Lady" and "Pussycat Dulls". But it doesn't matter, the book was so much better than the cover, even if we were sitting side by side with some old foreign fogies canoodling with young Pinay uhm... ladies.

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  1. Half a pizza all by yourself?!?!?

    OK now i respect your eating prowess!

  2. no... that pizza was all for me, and a bowl of marinara pasta, and a caprese salad!

    it's italy... i couldn't not do it.

  3. thanks much love your blog about us!!
    Chef Chris C' Italian DIning

  4. thanks Chef Chris! Please watch out for my part deux from my dinner last night. Fab.

  5. Thank you so much for your warm appreciation. Looking forward to see you again at our place. :)

  6. thanks gizelle! you were the best server! till my next C's trip

  7. Arguably the best italian restaurant in the country:)

  8. i have to agree.. one of the best in the country.. you should try cafe caruso in reposo, makati- molto bene!

  9. it's really nice


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