Red Cross Gala Dinner

Lately I've had this very unproductive habit of buying things before I find the need for it. It's my fault, ever since coming up with the wise thought that there is no need until you know something exists, I've found myself needing everything I happen to chance upon.... especially on the internet.
ToT with Ish
But it truly is better to have something and not need it, than need something and not have it. In a matter of days, I found myself as a guest for this year's Red Cross Gala with a very special exhibition of designer Dennis Lustico's deliciously gorgeous garbs. Good thing I had this lovely Badgley Mischka gown I bought off the web (ala rack) which had been festering some cabinet mites.
Dennis Lustico has been on the radar for some time due to his very well executed and crafted dresses and trousers. I've been following his work for some time, and was excited to finally be a part of his first solo exhibit. But come on, I'll be honest, aside from the opportunity to dress up, I was really there for the foooooood! And food there was!
Sun dried tomato pandesal. A yummy variation on the usual breakfast bread

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  1. I didn't you know you were there..I handled that event..I think I was about 7months pregnant going around like crazy ensuring that the event will go well..Too bad you didn't like the dessert..and too bad I didn't see you..well you wouldn't probably notice me anyway..I was huge and dark dark dark.. :) shack!


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