Wine-topia at Wine Depot Festival

So there was this very odd weekend when a lot of shit almost literally hit the fan. I needed a drink... I needed a lot of drink. A few Saturdays ago, manna from heaven came down to earth in the form of Wine Depot's tasting event.
Held at the NBC Tent at the Fort Strip, the wine tasting was a consummation of different vineyards, distributors, suppliers and connoisseurs. There was also no shortage of alcoholics, hoarders, and just plain thirsty goers... that would be my entourage right there.
Saw my good friend G at the event, I decided to turn him into my model bitch. He gladly obliged.
Upon registering, they issue you your very own glass, which will be used for all the free flowing wine you want to gulp down. I liked this sommelier's style. lol
I liked this Chilean line called Casablanca Valley
Booth after booth, the P1000 pass gave unlimited access to vino from Australia (where most of the vendors originated), France, Spain and other grapeful countries. I really enjoyed the Late-Picked one from Tulloch vineyard. Must get more.
Such a cute setup, could not resist

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  1. We need one of these here! All that yummy wine and food...I think I will go to Bay Cities after work today to celebrate our Santa Monica days. So. I'll be making a little sidetrip to Bali in December - dates TBA - but we're staying in a villa owned by one of my mom's friends. Come, come!!

  2. i like your bitch model a lot!! yey!!!

  3. C: Santa Monica still has their Taste of Santa Monica festivals with the $20 wine tasting. remember that? hahaha we were so full already

    G: I know you do!

  4. i want to do this!!! who can i go with???? i need you!!! need alcohol in my system, hahaha

  5. send me a ticket and i'll be there guex!


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