Sunday Brunch at Chelsea & Mercato Centrale

 I haven't been spending a lot of time with the Choobear, so I decided to have a little play date with the critter at Bonifacio Global City.
 First stop was the much awaited Mercato Centrale @ BGC, brainchild of good blog-buddy, and Our Awesome Planet's Anton Diaz,
 It's the newest Farmers' Market on 32nd St & 9th Ave at The Fort, offering everything from  fresh produce, organic products, cooked food and other yummy goodies. I came in a bit late due to a mega HANGOVER from a bachelorette's party, but there were still people and produce to try and buy.
 I liked this stall selling homemade granola and yogurt
 Fresh Herbs! Yay!
 A look around and you could see the abundance of fresh produce you can try. The selection is quite extensive and can rival Santa Monica (LA) and Union Street (NY) Weekend farmers markets it variety.
 Organic Vegetables: LEEKS! Should I make Cock-a-Leeky soup??
 The outdoor section had interesting green products that are great for your home or for gifts, such as these little plants in cute containers.
 Wheatgrass anyone?
Disposable Instant Grill with Charcoal! Only grilling meat and fire needed.
 There were also a lot of desserts like Pili products and jams.
 I am a big fan of SAUSAGES, and cannot wait to scoop some freshly made Hungarians.
 Roast Duck, cuapao, siopao, and WHOLE duck to go!
 Of course there was a plethora of desserts to munch on
 Custaroons, is that you?!
 My favorito sighting: Claude Tayag and wife of Bale Dutung in Pampanga selling their Pan de Bagnet. He's my Kababayan! I can't wait to try his food excursion!
 There's also some yogurt to cool off during the heat of noontime
 This one I loved immediately. PINOY Neufchatel cheese!
 They also make Chevre, and other cheesy products.
I can't wait to come back next week, since they will be open Saturdays & Sundays from 7am-4pm, to check out the fresh produce and see what I can whip up in the kitchen from my favorito buys.
 After all that shopping, Jimmy Choo was one happy socialized MaltePoo.
 Even kids love him!
 Since the day was nice and sunny, we decided to sit al fresco at Chelsea Market & Cafe for some brunch.
 My must-order dish is always the Fettucinne Carbonara, a little creamy, and a lot of yummy. The bacon is crisped nicely and the torched yolk adds extra flavor when mixed in. This was too big a plate.
 Mr. S settled on the Chorizo & Meatball Submarine with Mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce and basil. This gooey sub sat atop a ciabatta roll, and was perfectly seasoned, well balanced creaminess and meatiness from the combination of meats, and had an extra kick from the homemade marinara sauce. This was on their specials menu, and you should try it before it disappears and its hearty goodness becomes but a figment of your imagination
Jimmy Choo is one happy doggy with this SunDate for the dogs :)

For more info on Mercato Centrale, visit their Facebook Page!
To try the goodies at Chelsea Market & Cafe, call +632 909 7011. It is located at Serendra in Fort Global City. If you name drop me, you might get a smile... or an extra Choc-Nut. Who knows.


  1. Lets go earlier next weekend

    That meatball sub was amazing, and chelsea's are always big enough to stuff you silly. Hope they make this plate a permanent addition.

    Btw, Jimmy the malte-poo is looking for a mate (shameless plug) haha!

  2. Mr. S - a boylet mate for the Choo?

    What did Jimmy get to eat?

  3. their fettucine carbonara is really YUMMY! i want one now :) if you are a fan of sausages with gravy, you must try the sausage and herb pie by Tina's pie outlet.

  4. awww... I was there too! I hope I'll be able to meet the person behind triportreats in the future :)

  5. Sandy: Yes I love the sausages too!

    Roch: See you next weekend!

  6. you weren't that late :p in your photo i could see my mom setting up pa lang, so wala pang 7am yan :)

    i also came from a bachelorette party the night prior, hehe :)

    nice shots!

  7. Notsquare: ahahah no I think you're mom was REPACKING to leave. lol I arrived past NOON!


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