This Sans Rival Can't Be Rivaled

Ladies and gentlemen, I have discovered the best Sans Rival, or Cashew Torte, I have ever tasted. Good thing I went on the JuJu Cleanse to make way for this buttery wonder in my system.
Since holidays are opportunities for friends and loved ones to express their generosity, a TON of food gifts have been arriving in our household. One of them, this large red box that I found in the refrigerator. Seemed nonchalant, so I decided to open it to figure out if I was to recycle it and re-gift it to someone else (oh come on, admit it).
Upon opening, a very striking pan of Sans Rival appeared. Sans Rival, or Cashew Torte, is a very rich and creamy dessert with several layers of cashew meringue alternating with French butter cream frosting, and topped with cashews. Almonds are another variety for Sans Rival, but we're more familiar with cashews. What struck me was the very evident layer of buttercream and generous helping of chopped cashews on top. I tried a little bit.
I've had a lot of Sans Rival in my lifetime since I'm Capampangan and there are several makers who prepare it in a shallow box with flimsy layers. This Sans Rival was cake-like in dimension, had buttercream frosting that tasted like clotted cream, but richer, and had a irresistibly crispy meringue that turns chewy upon first bite that reminded me of soft nougat. This was definitely not your average sans-rival, and felt like every calorific bite would end up straight to my ass. But it was melt-in-your-mouth goodness that cannot be forgotten.
I know Christmas is over, but believe me when I say that I know my desserts, and this Sans Rival has no rival in my tastebuds.  I've found my new dinner contribution/conversations starter.Do you know of any Sans Rival that could rival this one?

From the Kitchen of Gay Vasquez
35 Firefly St. Valle Verde 6, Pasig City
+632 6310125


  1. i'd love to try this. i'm addicted to Betty's SR. happy holidays jeanchick!

  2. Order. It's SooooOOSoosoooooo creamy!

  3. maybe you can try torta delos reyes, artistocrat's choco sans rival


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