EuroCruise 2010: Mad for Mykonos

Back to the beautiful Greek Island of Mykonos, home to blue & white homes, hot sunny beaches, and major midnight beachparties.
If there's another thing Mykonos is most remembered for... it's not wide open spaces like the Chola Town Center.
But for the tight and tiny alleys and streetways that zigzag like a labyrinth all around town, albeit stunning with its white and blue exteriors. As the mythical town of Troy, Mykonos is one puzzling map of roads.
Apparently, during ancient times, the people deliberately created these narrow entryways to deceive pirates from coming in and stealing their Greek loot. The trick was to ambush them while figuring their way around the mazes of minute streets.
Well, if the pirates had  vehicles like this, they would definitely not stand a chance with the Mykonos streets. He was basically scratching the walls!
Interesting souvenir stores and art galleries scatter all around Mykonos, and is a complete dream to discover one alleyway at a time.
A definite souvenir buy would have to be artisanal jewelry designed by the locals. As if we didn't learn from our Santorini stop, we found my mother & bejeweled aunt buying another "keepsake", one of very many they would come to collect during this entire trip. The craftmanship and design is so eclectic and unique, travelers may want to visit this man (let me find his card) because his pieces were breathtaking.
And the generic pasalubong, Olive Oil items! From soap, to body cream, to other green-hued concoctions, you really get drawn to them.
Instead I stocked up on Tanning Oil + Sunblock Oil spray for our upcoming beach trip. I could never find these items in the US or in Manila, so I stocked up at the Mykonos Sephora. Piz Buin rocks!
ToT, Bro, Mum & Dad taking a breather from getting lost in the streets.
After turning right from the Chola or center, we end up in a food center with various restaurants.
Although a bit hidden in sight, I realized they had more options for dining, and at better prices. So now I have more restaurants to try, like Opa Taverna with their fresh dishes.
Bro & ToT decided to get back to the Town Center to hail a cab to our next destination, because hailing a cab on these streets are impossible if you've seen the streets.
Our next stop is a beach 7km from the Town Center: Super Paradise
What is Super Paradise? Well... This. Is. It.
Super Paradise is a pristine peninsula of white sand (though not as fine as our Boracay powdery sand), clear & sunny skies, and ultra clear blue water. It's walking distance from Paradise Beach, still idyllic but not as popular as the superlative'd Super Paradise.
 Still early for the beachbums.
Since we arrived early, we decided to start off with a drink at the bar while waiting for more people to arrive. I later found out it was the first day of Greek Spring Break. Did you hear that!? GREEK SPRING BREAK! And we had to leave for the boat by 330p!
Then I saw this smiley guy, and I know I remembered him immediately.
circa 2006
So I was here in Mykonos a few years ago, and got ABSOLUTELY hammered by Constantis (his name) and my now favorito Tequila of choice: Herradura!
Now I'm sure these cocktails will make its mark. We're in good hands!
After we got our drink, we park our beach bums onto the cabanas, which cost about €12 for 2 people to lie down in the beach beds. I later found out this was necessary as the sand was scorching hot from the high heat of the sun.
What better way to cool off than to have a cold cocktail in one hand while dipping into the FREEZING cold water! Chilly!
Bro & I decided to be social and met Sarah, who is spending part of her 3 week honeymoon in Mykonos, getting a Greek tan. Now I know where Bro wants to spend his honeymoon.
Tourists who don't come by taxi (mere mortals like us) take the water taxis called Caiques  from neighboring islands and ports. Other modes would be using skiffs from the massive yachts that litter the surrounding waters. Greek scions in the house maybe?
As the afternoon began, so did the throngs of Spring Breakers in bikinis and beach battle gear. Super Paradise is popularly known as THE party beach in Mykonos, because of their liberal ways.
And by liberal, I mean that Super Paradise was originally set as a nudist gay beach. Now the gay side is more on the left (if you're in the water), and the right side is for the regular folk like ToT. Note:  click to enlarge if you are prepared to do some zooming. Most of the women are topless though. Not tempting at all for ToT.
ToT & Bro drunk as skunks in the freezing crystal clear water.
Lovers in Mykonos
Mykonos is a great place for lovers, both straight and otherwise, friends, and serious partygoers. Beach parties begin at 2pm and last til the next day!
Getting inebriated while getting numb at the same time.
Cocktail in one hand, calling bro to move along or else we'll get left behind by the Equinox!
 Next time, I shall brave walking the right side to Coco Club which has breathtaking views of Super Paradise from the top (pun intended), and spend the night partying it up just like in 2006 with this crazy bunch of cruise brats.
Clearly, sloshed and sun burnt
We were wishing that we stayed on for more of the Spring Break action, but that teaser was enough.
DON'T LEAVE US! Wait... ATVs... Ooh...
Jerico & the Defender by the Celebrity Equinox
As we boarded the Equinox to set sail for our next destination, we wanted to make the most of this beautiful sun and our lovely Lawn Club on the top deck of the boat.
ToT being silly
Bro being a dufus, or maybe he was really just drunk
As our ship began moving, I could still see the pristine blue waters and blue & white buildings of mystical Mykonos.
With our Turkish bartender, who had the last name Bektas.
My libation of choice: The Raspberry Mojito
The Lawn Club's lounge was perfect for enjoying the beautiful view while feeling like you're still on the ground because of the manicured lawn of bermuda grass.
I wonder who's on the phone with ToT's bro?
ToT's bro being artistic with Tom Ford.
Bro just giving up and staying still
Second round (on the boat) ordered!
Happy siblings drunk as skunks! 
Hey, we're on vacation, give us a break.
My 20394857th Raspberry Mojito. Guess what my room charges consisted of?
We wanted to go to the pool, but we had to get ready for dinner at the Silhouette Dining Room.
Thinly Shaved an San Daniele Prosciutto w/ a trio of Melons
Mushroom Crusted Rack of Colorado Lamb, Sweet Peas & Roasted Lamb Jus.
New York Steak with Herb Butter
Pappardelle con Funghi
Wide ribbon noodles cooked al dente with wild mushroom ragout. Garnished with fresh basil, sun dried tomato sprinkle and goat cheese crumbles.
Let me be honest with you. ToT OR Bro could not REMEMBER this meal if not for this photo as proof that I wore that dress and ate dinner after Mykonos. Well... from our mischievous smirks, it was pretty obvious we were oblivious and sloshed from the aftermath of Super Paradise!
I did remember the delicious Espresso Panna Cotta being fantastic and creamy.
And after seeing the sun set after dinner time, it was time for beddie bye. On to the next destination!

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