Umami Burger is Umami-Yummy

Going to Cali in a few days, and excited to visit one of my favorite stores which used to be behind my Santa Monica apartment.
 Well, I'm going to shop the Fred Segal sale, but also to grab a bite at Umami Burger!
 Umami Burger at Fred Segal's is one of four locations in Los Angeles, and used to be a coffee shop where I used to get a rocky road frap. Now it's turned to a branch of restaurateur Adam Fleischman's burger concept which is built around the fifth taste: Umami.
 The menu is tightly edited, with very adult versions of the normal burger combination, with focus on the burger and the complex flavor the meat has with each preparation. My roommate also recommended this, so I must trust her judgment.
 I ordered the Cheesy Tater Tots. I know what you're thinking... Tater Tots come out from a bag in the Freezer section in the grocery. Boy, do you have to try the Umami Tater Tots.
The Tots were fluffy, almost mashed potatoes in lightness, and had bursts of cheesiness with every bite! It was like hiding bits of cheddar in the tot and deep frying it lightly just enough to melt it. I've never enjoyed a tater tot like this before.
 Next up, I had the Truffle Burger, with Italian truffle cheese, and a truffle glaze. I was a little bit unhappy with the size of the burger, because it's unusually normal sized for a gourmet burger with a $10+ above price tag. The bread was nice and fluffy, though I thought that the burger looked a little plain. But. I. Spoke. Too. Soon.
Each bite was like a celebration of meaty flavors mixed with the hypnotic aroma of truffle. No other condiment would've been necessary because the meat itself carried such a delightful play of umami in the mouth; a pickle would've ruined it. Yes, I was hungry after the burger. Hungry for another Truffle Burger!
Since my last visit, I've been having daydreams on going back and getting my Umami fix at this burger joint. It's not as elaborate as Lusso's Demi Pound Foie Gras Burge, but it's up there on my list.

Umami Santa Monica
Fred Segal Store
500 Broadway 
Santa Monica, CA90401
+310 451 1300

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