Finally... SereniTea!

Finally, I was able to travel to Green Hills and try out this milk tea place that's been getting rave reviews from everyone to their mothers! After my Ya Kun Kaya Milk Tea, I wanted a cold version!
Located in a busy side street of Wilson St in San Juan, is Serenitea, supposedly the "Natural Secret For Healthier Life".

 The cafe is small and perfect for chatting up with a friend while waiting for your order. It reminded me of my favorite boba place in Los Angeles, Lollicup. From the layout to the ambiance, it was quite spot on. I was getting excited already
First thing when you approach the order taker is the extensive list of items on their menu. Think tea is just limited to black, green and white? Think again.
Their drinks are segregated by Freshly Brewed Tea, SereniFruiTea, SereniTease, SereniMilk Tea and Snacks. I'm a big fan of tea and prefer it over coffee, so I'm hoping this expands soon with more branches closer to me.
What I especially appreciated with SereniTea is the customizable Sweetness Level, wherein you can dictate how sweet, or not, you want your drink to be. I remembered gaining about 10lbs in 1 month when Quickly opened up back in the days, coz I would ingest 2 a day, and with those giant straws, you know you're taking in a whole lot of sugar.
The reason why SereniTea is such a hit is that they brew the tea in your drink once your order it, keeping it fresh and light, not stagnant and heavy when it has been steeping for so long.
There's also a great selection of teas as base for your cold or hot drinks, from Assam, Ceylon, Jasmine, Oolong as well as fruit infusion teas too.
I ordered the Okinawa Milk Tea with Pearls (better known as Boba in the US) and Egg Pudding, or better known as Taho to us Filipinos. I was about to try the Royal Milk Tea because that's what I normally get, with its sweet creamy milkiness to it. But Okinawa had the same flavor profile but had the crispness of Green Tea accompanying the milkiness. I also asked for 25% sweetness, or milk sugar, and it was perfect! Not indulgently sweet, and enough to enhance the flavor of the milk tea. Next I wanna try is No Sugar, coz I'm sure the pearls Pearls and the Egg Pudding have sugar on its own.
I'm excited to try more flavors of SereniTea, and even wat to try the Honey Aloe, which I hear has amazing health benefits. As their tagline says, SereniTea is the "Natural Secret for Healthier Life".
They deliver to some areas, but I think it's best to order in so that you can really get the full Boba experience that people in LA get when they hit Lollicup.
What's your favorite SereniTea flavor?
 Visit Serenitea on Facebook and Multiply!
#1F G&L Bldg. J. Abad Santos,
Cor. V. Cruz, Little Baguio, San Juan
+632 379 4166


  1. One must give this a try, I'm not a fan of tea myself but I wouldnt mind getting this all the time. Though it may take awhile for me to get my perfect mix, since you can customize the tea to your liking, but its nice to have the option there.

    Im sure after some trial and error, well get my perfect tea. Better than just buying a mass produced brew and hope to God that you like it.

  2. I haven't had boba in months! All I can think about when drinking that stuff is: oh man, this little pearl is going straight to my hips...and that one, straight to my ass.

    I'm happy i'm reading this on a full stomach, otherwise I would have gone out to Lollicup and bought myself some!

  3. Promise we'll hit Lollicup one day!

    Btw I wanna stay with you after Tin's wedding so I can be closer to LA.. if it's cool with your roomie. hehehe

  4. Try the Wintermelon Milk Tea - my current favorite. Or the Passionfruit Yakult (not milk tea). And... chicken chops!

    If you want no sugar, you can try QQ instead of pearls and pudding. QQ is comprised of smaller pearls and crystals, which adds sweetness to the drink. :)

    Sharing my post: http://www.glennong.com/2010/08/serenitea-is-celebrity.html

  5. Now I must drag my two kids to the local boba shop to indulge my craving. :)

  6. Serenitea just keeps you going and going and going :)


    When you've tried the other flavors, let me know what's your favorite.

    And yes, the pearls/nata have sweetness on their own ;) so in time, you can go 0%! :)


  7. is there a branch in the fort? or what is the nearest branch?

  8. the nearest branch of serenitea here in fort is at burgos circle- @ amethyst


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