SereniTea: The Sequel

I can't help it. Now I'm hooked on SereniTea... After last week's SereniTea search, I asked Mr. S to take me back again (after hitting the gym, AGAIN) to get my SereniTea fix.
The line was exceptionally long, but there was a good swift team, and our orders were steeped in served in about 5 minutes, which isn't bad considering we're in Manila.
I decided to try different flavors an mixes this time: Mix #1 is Hokkaido Milk Tea with 25% Sweetness and Pearl Sinkers. It was similarly like the Okinawa Milk Tea, but made with Black tea instead. the mild sweetness of the 25% worked well to enhance the steeped tea.
 And taking in Jane Chua's advise, I decided to try the Royal Milk Tea with 0% Sweetness and QQ Sinkers. QQ is a mix of Pearl & Nata strips, which lend a citrus chewiness so it. I loved the tea, but the syrup from the QQ was not sweet enough and I was making faces that it was a bit bitter because of the tea.
 To the rescue is this cute SereniTea server, who added 25% sweetness into my milk tea, and gave me a fresh straw to boot. I like good service.
And lastly, I had to try their Chicken Chops. Just like Lollicup & Guppy Tea House's Popcorn Chicken. Deep fried chicken bits with a sweet salty coating, and fried with Asian basil to lend it a unique flavor. I wish SereniTea was able to adjust the flavor and give it some spiciness like Lollicup was able to do. But I'm sure they'll figure it out.

Help me stop this addiction to Pearl Milk Tea drinks!


  1. You kill me...now I'M craving bubble/boba/pearl tea and I don't know of a good place to go in this area. I guess that is a good thing for my waistline.

  2. You ought to try Wintermelon. It's my addiction :)

  3. Was just at Guppy Tea house last night. Popcorn chicken is still the bomb. Tried their hot almond milk tea.....highly recommended. Something to try when you get here!!!


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