EuroCruise 2010: Wine Tasting at Santo Winery, Santorini

After our walking trip to the town of Oia, our tour guide Arthur took us to Santo Winery for some Greek Wine tasting.
Located at the village of Pyrgos in Santorini, SantoWines sits at the edge of the Caldera. Hence, the awesome view!
I'm all for liquor consumption, and tasting the unique flavors of Santorini wine is more exciting because of the sulfur content in the soil due to the volcanic presence and the eruptions, giving their grape juice extra oomph.
SantoWines is a CO-OP winery where most bottlers and makers get their wines since 1992.
ToT trying some Grande Reserva Assyrtiko, a dry white wine that's "Shiny and yellowish, makes a unique statement with its varietal aromatic character, which embraces white flowers and citrus fruits."
SantoWines has been awarded such accolades as "Leading Wine Producer of Greece" in a German International wine portal, and three of their wines won awards in the  International Wine and Spirits Competition 2010 that took place in London, UK in June.  This Assyrtiko won a Silver Medal in the Best In Class category
 The men enjoying a round of white wine.
A view like this is sure to merit some romantic attractions.
Here's my espionage shot of two lovers canoodling while getting giddy on wine.
And so lucky was I to witness the nuptial photo shoot of this newly wed couple.
The main hall of the SantoWines Oenotourism Center can hold up to 120 people and is a famous place for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and other memorable moments. So romantic!
The winery overlooks the Aegean Sea, and come sunset, the sky turns red and oh so romantic.

I wonder who ToT's bro is SMS-ing while emoting in Santorini... nuninuninu...

ToT drinking every last drop of her glass and her sisters too!
ToT & Bro with the Celebrity Equinox in between us, taken by Arthur our tourguide, Who apparently is also a Videographer in the island. Multitasker!
Speaking of multitasker, he's also a big ham and took this crazy shot on the cliff! Don't fall!
My wacky family with one of our best family shots. This must be blown up life size. Yes, we are crazy like that.
When we left Santo Winery, I spotted this Diving Center on the way back to Fira... Did you say DIVING?!?!? I'm so going back! More of Santorini coming up next

TEL.: +30 22860 22596
FAX: +30 22860 23137
E-MAIL: santorini@santowines.gr


  1. Such a great view from that winery! wouldnt mind stepping on a keg of grapes all day while looking out the window with that view!

    Hmm i got curious, let me see if theres anything nice to see under santorini water

  2. I WANNA DIVE!!! Santorini Diving http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wr3nQDIx4kI

  3. ToT's Bro JericoSep 22, 2010, 9:01:00 PM

    The view form the vineyard was the most beautiful place my eyes have seen.... for a second i felt like God looking thru a clear sky to see the nicest town on top of a mountain and the explosion of the sun ready to set on the bluest ocean... that place in that time made me fall to my knees and thank God how lucky we were just to experience a magical and miraculous event in my life...

  4. syempre first commenter na naman si Mr. S! :D

    mukang patay na patay sa yo yan ToT! bwahahaha

  5. I am allergic to sulfates!!! I can't drink wine anymore. WTF? Well, I can, but I break out in hives, get really uncomfortably hot, and feel hung over without even going through the tipsy and drunk phases. Boo.

  6. Anonymous: Hee Hee exactly how I want it !

    Chants: FTHow did you figure that out?! so now what... Vodka?


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