EuroCruise 2010: Sweet Sunset in Santorini Part 2

After walking around the towns of Oia and Fira, tasting some sulfur-enriched Santorini wines from Santo Winery, and dining with an awesome view at Sphinx Restaurant, it was time to say goodbye to Arthur, our very animated tourguide who spends half the year in Santorini, and the other half in Australia. 
My family loved him so much, we wanted to come back just so we could bunk in his pink palace of a house! Apparently he landed on some Greek wealth from his father, so he enjoys life showing people around Santorini and also being a videographer on the side. That's where the good pics come from.
With some time on our hands til our boat, the Celebrity Equinox, set sail for Mykonos at 10pm, Bro & I decided to take on Santorini JDOM style. JDOM, short for Junior DOM (ya get it), is my brother's friends take on living the opulent life. To the fullest, all day, everyday. They say I'm JMAT, but let's not go there!
 So we decided to walk around to see if we could get some souvenirs for our last few hours in Santorini.
Speaking of opulence, shall I indulge in some Greek real estate?
Or some haute couture, maybe? My one regret was not buying this dress, or at least trying it.
As the sun began setting on the Caldera, we knew that we had to find a spot to get our drink on to appreciate this amazing Aegean sunset which is lauded by many as ZE best sunset to see.
We found the perfect cliffside spot in the Tropical Bar.
We didn't know this yet, but it has amazing views of the Caldera cliffs, apparently one of the cheapest places to drink in Santorini, and is also favored because its serves Australian beers.
It's also one of the popular places to dance and party mostly because of the open balcony, which is a total bitch to get to especially if you're like me wearing a dress. Bro had to pull me up since the entrance for the Bar was crowded.
With the quaint stores on the side and the sun on the front, it was easy to fall in a tourist trance. But we were forgetting something: our DRINK!
Since time was limited and we wanted something that would hit us hard and fast, we asked the Bartender: Give us 2 of your strongest cocktails. Pronto, she delivered from the same side entrance we came from.
The so-called strong drinks was a Tutti-Frutti, and one look at it and we thought we were getting a girly drink.
Let me tell you, I don't know if it was that cocktail or the trance of the sunset, but DAMN! It was a strong girly cocktail!
So strong, in fact, that we hardly said a word and just enjoyed the sun falling down oh so slowly from our view in the balcony.
Even the ever-opinionated Bro was at a loss for words while the sun began changing the color of the sky.
"Here, let me take a picture of you and your boyfriend." Yeah, we get that a lot.
Almost there...
And Hello. I love you, Santorini Sunset.
Once the sun disappeared and cast a purple haze in the sky and the Aegean sea, the entire island began clapping, as if relieved from the anticipation of seeing something magical happen. It was truly amazing, and a sight worth saving up for.
The change in sky literally transformed Santorini into a more romantic, moody place. Lights aglow and sounds coming from the lounges, we were close to being hypnotized to stay longer til we realized we had to run like Cinderella to get back to our ship.
We saw a fleet of donkeys pass us, and Bro was almost tempted to take one down, til I told him we'd probably miss our ride if we decided to let these asses take over our itinerary.
So back we went to the cable car station to head back down for our tender to the ship.
For a moment there, it seemed completely surreal being in the middle of Santorini and the Aegean Sea, as if almost torn as to where we truly wanted to be at that moment. The sunset was such a sublime sight that it put all of us in a quiet wonder as to when we would experience another sunset so moving. I think all of us made a promise to come back again at one point in our lives.

Would you come back to Santorini?

To get the "Atha Treatment" (I just realized it wasn't Arthur!) , visit Atlantis Videography
Atlantis Videography: +30 697 434 8455


  1. Beautiful sunset...wish I were there! I want to go. But i'll definitely leave time to ride the donkeys. They are so cute!

  2. omg no they stink like hell! you'll literally smell like an ass!

  3. Hopefully one day.... aaaahhhhh so pretty!

  4. All sunsets are beautiful, but the backdrop of Santorini makes it oh-so very special, doesn't it. On our first visit, we stayed at the Katikies in Oia and upon our return we stayed at Grace Santorini in Imerovigli. As much as we enjoyed Imerovigli with bustling Fira only a short walk away, Oia will be the one we return to again. Thanks for sharing the wonderful images you've captured!


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