Boracay Bound: The Wonders of Loco Frio

Here's some more tidbits from my Boracay Trip last weekend. When my roomies and I finished our lunch, we went out to search for this hidden gem that Cay had seen at some TV show. We had  (pictured above) made preparations to ensure our sloshness, but Cay was adamant that getting your hands on one of these "thingies" would guarantee a fantastic alcoholic vacation.  
We asked tricycle drivers and alcoholics until we found the holy grail: Loco Frio
Located by the back entrance of D'Mall in White Beach, Loco Frio is a little street stall serving up... you guessed it:
Frozen Cocktails To Go!
Since we arrived early at around 1pm (I picked the right alcoholic people for this trip), there were only  Lime Margarita & Kiwi Strawberry Daiquiri slushed and ready for serving. Other libations include the Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Mudslide and other tropical drinks sure to make every Boracay trip a trippy one.
I immediately liked Loco Frio because, aside from its yummy concoctions, they use semi-premium liquor like Absolut Vodka, Cuervo Tequila and Bacardi Rum for its shots and NOT the cheap-ass liquor that is used in one too many Boracay Happy Hour Cocktails. Those nasty ones are sure to leave you with a massive hangover and/or a date with the toilet bowl; trust me, I've had that date. But if you just want to have fun with it they do offer Virgin versions of the cocktails. Not for ToT!
The best thing about Loco Frio is definitely the concept of Cocktails To Go. The nifty 20oz. tumbler comes with insulated foam which keeps the drinks nice and chilled especially in this hot summer weather. And it's refillable, so a visit to Loco Frio will save you when you want to try a new drink.
And with a bartender as cute as Jen, how can you not have a happy day knowing your alcoholic ways can now be camouflaged with a very nondescript sports bottle???
When my Lime Margarita disappeared mysteriously (???), I just refilled my blue tumbler with Ruby Red Vodka on Day one...
With Bacardi Rum on Day 2...
With Absolut Mandarin on Day 2...
And with... Patron on Day 2... I think...(me leaning for support)
Sigh, such happy, fuzzy, festive memories with that Blue Loco Frio tumbler... I left it in Boracay though, coz you know... drinking liquor out of a blue insulated tumbler is only cool at the beach. Back in Manila, I would just be called alcoholic.

Loco Frio is Located at Serendipity Complex on the right side of the back entrance of D'Mall if you are about to exit it. They also have another stand at the Obama Grill, but I was too intoxicated to find it. lol
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  1. whoa!! the drink is refillable?? sounds good. I don't think i'll get drunk drinking non-stop slushy alcoholic drinks.

  2. Yup guex it's refillable..

    I don't think anyone else would look for Loco Frio (or an alcoholic beverage for that matter) right after lunch, on the same day we got there. Good move! This post was hilarious!

  3. Don't those sweet slushy drinks give you a headache? Even with the premium alcohol, I think I'd end up with a huge headache and hangover. BTW-Love the dress. Very cute. :)

  4. Lori: I just had one, then i just refilled the tumbler with my stash. and other drinks.... hahah Miss you! i'll be there in june though in LA for only a few days. October might be our best time to meet.

  5. love loco frio!!!!!

    did you know that hey jude! is closing na :( until jun 15 nalang sila.. :(

  6. I still feel that Loco Frio is a bit over priced. More of a tourist trap. But that bartender Jen really does look hot.. i dont mind getting robbed by her.


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