Boracay Bound: Food Finds Around the Island

Apologies for the radio silence, been preoccupied lately with work as well as preparations for a big trip I will be taking soon. Watch out for that one...
Well to continue the Boracay journey we had a few weeks back, after our great dinner at Dos Mestizos we figured we had to continue the good food trip all the way to day 2&3. So our first stop for lunch?
Two Seasons Hotel, which has a fantastic blended Mojito. I had 4, well, technically 7 because one was a regular and then I had 3 buy-1-get-1s... so yeah...  I heard great things about their food, which has really improved a lot since the last time I stayed at the resort. I saw an interesting special on the menu, and just had to try it out. What was it?
Yup. Apparently it is low in fat, high in protein, and good for those with Asthma. I don't, but I had to try it anyway, coz you know I'm just testy like that. I ordered Fried Crocodile Strips, thin sliced white meat stir fried in galic, leeks & shaoxing wine. It reminded me of Kung Pao Chicken, which was interesting because the meat kind of tasted like chicken, but had the chewiness of pork. Not bad for my first croc experience.
The roomies had more conventional orders, the Chili Cheese Fries being one of the more welcome dishes. This would be a perfect dish while getting sloshed by the beach... and it became so after we had it saved in the kitchen until my brother arrives. He, like ToT, has a bottomless pit of a stomach.
Cay ordered the Grilled Chicken in a Carbonara sauce. Well-flavored and tender, I was surprised someone could make chicken so gourmet like. Chef Gino Gonzales, of Cafe Ysabel and Buenissimo fame, was consultant to Two Seasons' restaurant, and created a menu that was truly fine dining with an island appeal.
We were quite full at that point and wanted to stay out in the sun, Two Seasons is the perfect spot to lounge around and enjoy the stretch of white sand.
WE ended up watching the sunset with more Mojitos, vodka, and friends. But of course, we got hungry.... 
So we ordered the Quattro Formaggio Pizza at Two Seasons. Unbelievably gooey with cheese, and perfectly thing & crispy, this disappeared in less that 5 minutes.
Clearly, someone was enjoying the pizza. 
 Once it got a little dark, so did my memory. At that point, someone counted that I had a total of 14 drinks that afternoon... well I didn't really notice since I was drinking from my Loco Frio Tumbler... That tumbler is the best kind of trouble you can find. 
So much so, that I was unable to focus on our buffet dinner at Discovery Shores and only had this as proof that I actually ate dinner and didn't pass out after 14 drinks . But highly recommended, if I remember correctly, because it had Rib-eye Roast, Grilled Prawns, Lamb Carpaccio, and a plethora of delicious food on the buffet line. I was hoping that one of our friends was sober enough to wear a SHIRT while eating, but I was actually too plastered to care at that point. Worth your PHP1000.

After dinner, we ended up at Hey Jude, where a certain bartender was being undressed by one of my friend's ogling eyes. When he carried a sack of ice, its drippings wetting his white wifebeater, we heard  someone utter a delirious sigh of lust. Yeah, we got more drunk after that. LOL!
And, after a long day of tanning, a longer night of drinking, what's the best way to cap the last Boracay night that to head over to your favorite beach stall for some street meat!
There was a long line of BBQ stands, but the usuals are always hotdogs, chori-burger, isaw and other odd innardsI was extremely satisfied after that and was ready to head to bed.
The next day, we headed to Mañana for some Mexican fare before our flight back to reality.
Since it was my last hurrah before heading back to the grind, I indulged in a final frozen Margarita to take the edge of my mini-hangover. They say more alcohol is the perfect cure after a night of inebriety.
And, for tradition's sake, I ordered the Seafood Fundido, goobers of cheese and seafood bits wrapped in a tortilla and deep fried to melt the gooeyness. It was tasty, but was a little disappointing because of all the fried tortilla I had to remove in order to not have a cholesterol breakdown.
NFF Gabby ordered the Beef Fajita, which looked like a total winner as it was a plateful of beef, peppers, mushrooms, and complete with accoutrement. I was planning on trying it, but after I turned around, it was cleaned off his plate. Guys... tsk tsk. We had a collective discussion that Mañana has deterred a bit in quality, then I countered that it's probably because of the influx if good Mexican go-tos in Manila, hence upgrading our expectation level for other Latino restaurants.
Once our plane took off and we were about to be whisked back to reality, it occurred to us that our trip, although short, was way sweet because of the company, the food, and the fantastic effects of an overflowing alcohol tumbler. It was one of those perfect 3-day weekends: not too long that you get sick of it, literally and figuratively, and short enough to make you want to do it all over again. Here's to more long weekends!

Check out Mañana for Mexican


  1. The two seasons pizza is indeed very good!

    Ive been a regular reader of TOT since the time i found out about it and have been a big fan of it. I never travel nor eat out without revisiting the TOT posts which i find very helpful in getting tips on where to stay and dine. There are just a few clarifications on certain phrases used by TOT that are unfamiliar to me since im really outdated with the new terms. What is slosh? and what is slosh and nosh? I would love to use them on my daily conversations but need to make sure if i use them correctly.

  2. Slosh: drink
    Nosh: eat

    Slosh & Nosh: Get drunk and stuffed!

  3. Lovely photos. I heard something about discover shores, is it good facilities there?

    Tanya Gemarin

  4. Great recommendations! I checked out Mañana and the blended mojito at Two Seasons and loved it. Also went next door to the Two Seasons at the Courtyard Bistro for their below zero celsius beer! Sooo awesome!


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