Was The Good Chef Out of Stock at Stock Market?

I don't want to be mean, but consistency is key especially in the food department. Consistency keeps me coming back for more, it provides a basis for comparison when trying other versions, and it gives me comfort to know that things are made just the way I like it when I want it.

That said, I present the case of the Chef's Day Off at Stock Market.
As a disclaimer, I adore Stock Market.

My first encounter involved the search for below zero beer ( beer that freezes up when you tap the bottom of the bottle, creating a slush that makes it next to impossible to drink properly). Of course, I don't drink beer but that didn't stop me from tagging along with those who do. That's when I had... the Burger experience:
This, is a good burger. Stock Market is a subsidiary restaurant of Del Monte aka pineapple paradise. Apparently, the cattle on the hacienda is fed with pineapple trimmings, hence the tinge of sweetness of the beef patty. Packed with bleu cheese, grilled tomato and caramelized onions, the Prime Burger is so succulent, the juice runs down your hands. That's if you eat it like a real carnivore (ME) and use your hands.

As you can see, there is a very large side of bacon because if you're gonna eat some meat, better make it meaty.

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  1. Thank you! Please keep on visiting and comment on what you would like me to discuss more

  2. Jean,

    as always your writing, since high school, never fails to amaze me and make me smile. :)

    I always visit this site, since I learned about it and I thoroughly enjoy your posts! More power!!

    - Mitzi

  3. Thanks Mitzi! I used to have followers on multiply but i was scared of running out of things to say...you just perked me up.


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