How to Have the Perfect Weekend

Weekends are somewhat of an addiction of mine. Since moving back, I count the hours til the clock finally ticks Saturday. I've vowed to resuscitate my liver by drinking only on weekdays, although it seems to be slightly less effective in terms of sobriety. I also took up diving to compensate for my lack of eagerness to go out, so my weekends are my special days. Those two days of sheer solitude usually end up becoming opportunities for things I used to do ritualistically when I was living in sunny California.

The intense addiction to weekends is actually the cause of this blog, Trip or Treats. My friend B once told me on YM: J, I never know where you will be until I find out on FB that you are either here, or there or everywhere. It's like you want to escape Manila. You should be a travel writer. Well... not quite, but this is a pretty good attempt, right?

My weekend rituals are quite simple really. I love to drive, preferably with the view of the Pacific Ocean on either side of the window and/or driving to some far off destination aka LONG DRIVE. I love being near the water to watch the sun set or rise. And lastly, ahhh... I really enjoy feeding people with food that I prepare myself.

I did all three this weekend when my adopted famiglia and I went to Punta Fuego to enjoy the long weekend with some driving, sun and food.
Driving: No matter what you hear about Angelenos and freeway road rage, it doesn't apply to me.
I L.O.V.E to drive. Of course, it helps to have a sweet ride, but it's not so much the physical manifestation of driving that delights me, as it is the mental clarity I get when maneuvering the brake and gas with my bare feet while hearing the engine respond fully. It feels like an orchestra performing a symphony with driver as conductor. Having a banging playlist also does wonders to soundtrack the fast paced lights running across the windows.
Manila bound, I haven't had the opportunity to drive as much as I did back in the days, around 50000 miles to be exact. First off, I'm not really in the mood to go to war with the jeeps and busses unless I have something worth evading the driver for. Second, Driver. Ahhhh.... I take advantage of them as much as possible because once the parentals get hold of them, they are impossible to utilize. Admittedly, drivers make me a lazy city driver. Lastly... have you checked the roads lately? Suspension, alignment, transmission, yadah yadah yadah. I've been spending too much on car service these days, I'm thisclose to whoring myself out for some auto parts.

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  1. clap! clap! clap! not a fan of adobo.. but i'm curious...

  2. my adobo is gooooooood... even after a week in the fridge!


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