Nostalgia Wins

A friend and I were out for some wine last night, discussing diving, food and Italy, when we went off on a full on tirade about pasta Carbonara. Where to find the best (I said Chelsea, friend said Rome duh), how to make it, and why we love it. I guess the discussion went for quite some time, because 3 bottles of vino went coming and going before realizing the time.

So today what can I think of?

Its wrath reached its fullest when, at the gym, I was staring at Giada Dilaurentiis noshing on Braciola while working up a sweat on the cross trainer. I finish my time on the sweat-o-rator and went in a scurry back home.

Specifically, my kitchen.

I won't elaborate too much on the process... just know that it was worth every calorie ingested.
Enter The Usual Suspects

Prosciutto, Bacon, Onion, Parmigiano Reggiano, Egg, and Spinach Fettucini

Render bacon until...

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  1. Um roomie...your blog post is in wingdings font...or webdings...or whatever that strange hieroglyphics font is called.

    But the pictures look good!

  2. yes i agree...was that on purpose?

    egg and pasta and bacon?!?! This is kinda weird Jean....as in Weird!

  3. Hello!

    That's how you make authentic Carbonara.

    tsk tsk tsk lazy people who use cream and mixes

  4. Lol from the gym straight to carbonara. Gotta love it!

  5. ToT...I'm attempting to make carbonara this week. Are you sure you separate the eggs? The recipes I've seen keep them together, whisk, then poor over the hot pasta with some pasta water. Either way, I want to avoid scrambled eggs...

  6. This is truly Nostalgic :)


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