Seafood Paluto Feast at Pier One Cebu

 Every time I'm in Cebu, I always crave for fresh seafood in the Cebu City area. Somehow, my Cebuano friends draw blanks when I ask for recommendations, so I always end up at Pier One in Park Mall because it's the only branch in the Philippines that has a Paluto section with fresh seafood. Plus, since my brother was with me this time, I knew he would appreciate the food.
This is what we ordered for FOUR people. You think I'm a foodie, wait til you meet Jerico.
 Lechon Sisig with Egg
Sizzling pork cheek and ears with the Cebu Lechon flavors. Add an egg and it becomes more decadent. So GOOD.
Bucket of Oysters
 Clam Shell Soup
Simple flavors with a bit of a kick from the peppers and the vegetables.

Steamed Diwal 
Otherwise known as Angel Wing Clams, these are lightly steamed and taste sweet and plump. A Cebu specialty.
 Grilled Squid
My seafood staple.
 Lechon Style Liempo
Do you know that the Pier One group also owns Chic-Boy? That's why their liempo is very tasty, herbaceous and succulent. Highly recommended.
 Sizzling Pochero Steak
In Cebu, Pochero is otherwise known as our Bulalo Soup. This is basically a bulalo steak, that is tastier and more tender. Cholesterollific.
Garlic Fried Crabs
Deep-fried crabs with garlic. Since the crabs are live in aquariums, this one came out SUPER YUMMY! I love crabs! Not the STD ha.

Green Mango with Bagoong 
To cleanse the palate. But we were STUFFED so we didn't even touch this. Nine dishes for four people. So even with three hefty boys, we left plenty on our table. Who wants to eat with Brother & Me?


  1. Hey Jean! You might want to try this seafood kainan place my best friend ate in (and couldn't stop raving about) when she was in Cebu. Too bad we weren't able to eat there! She can't remember the name of the place but it's right beside Chong Hua Hospital along Fuente Osmeña. You won't miss it daw cos it's BLAZING RED! Seafood galore daw talaga, plus it's cheap! :)

  2. Wow! Lots of food. I'll take note of this and see if I can visit the resto this November.

  3. me, I want to eat with you and your brother..... :)

  4. Writing and travel broaden your ass if not your mind and I like to write standing up.


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