Singapore Airlines & My Passport Fiasco

For those who have been reading my Twitter feed yesterday, many of you know the harrowing experience I went through involving Singapore Airlines and my passport. Though I'm sitting pretty at the Singapore Airlines lounge now at NAIA1, I can't help but get minor anxiety attacks when my mind looks back at (literally) yesterday's events and how one mishap can ruin a person's excitement and demeanor completely. I didn't get a single wink of sleep last night even if I was so exhausted from what transpired...

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  1. so sad to hear that...just enjoy the great scene, the company and the sea..:

    love your blogs!

  2. Sorry to hear about this Jean, it's good that you have a good passport again. :)

  3. i'm sorry to hear about what happened yesterday. i'm glad to know things are in order now and that you're on your way today. tomorrow, you can only expect the best, many pleasant, possitive and unexpected exciting things to experience. remember that we attract what we think so it pays to keep a possitive spirit no matter where we are. it pays to think right. after all, this is not the first time soemthing happened to you at the airport. cheers and have fun!

  4. Hi Jean!

    This hasn't happened to me yet but reading your account makes me scared of the possibility. I can't imagine what I'd do if it were me because I usually go abroad with my hubby and kids. So sad that this has happened quite a bit in the past too, you'd think that they'd learn from committing the same mistake.

    I hope they make it up to you big time! Have fun at the Maldives. :)

  5. Finally youre halfway there (in SG) and soon tom youll be taking nice photos of fishes and other divers. Grab me a shark tooth incase you have the chance.

    But about yesterdays fiasco, I don't think anyone can prepare or get used to such a thing. It was SIX months of saving up and excitement just to be trumped by a rather stupid mistake. Im sure at that moment she didnt know if she was still going to make it to the dive trip. The dive trip had a schedule, meaning the dive boat leaves for 7 days at sea. If you miss that then its goodbye vacation. Its not like finally being able to buy a car and finding that you have to wait for the color you want, its more like buying it and getting carnapped 10 mins after. GOODBYE MONEY!!!
    It is a pretty expensive trip. A Euro cruise would be cheaper.

    But all that is done now, and I hope Maldives will be better than the pictures that youve seen.

    Singapore airline staff was pretty supportive in their defense... I actually found their "nice-ness" to be abit too much and slightly annoying. The supervisor kept on insisting on buying us food. Im sure he meant well and was doing the best he can to make us feel better. Im just not the type who wants to be nagged 5x in 15 mins. And they upgraded to business class, and escorted all the way which is a plus.

    Just a little sidenote, though im not sure if its really possible. If the machine is already defective in the first place (since this has happened a couple of times already, even the check in girl says so) why still use it? How much is that damn machine? is it cheaper to compensate the already two known victims of this machine to just buy a new one? If MIAA has to be the one to provide it, trust me, we are in Manila. Just slip the guy 20k and it will be there the next day. (sorry for promoting corruption but its true)

  6. Hi Jean,

    Just look on the bright side... you're on your way! Get the negatives out! Enjoy and Lavish! See you when you get back!

  7. might be a good idea to blur the passport info. Hope you come back with a smile Jean

  8. I DID Blur it! but it wasn't a very good job. haha

  9. I understand how you feel, charged to experience. GODBLESS...


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