Comfort Food at Gino's Eats & Beats

What's your favorite comfort food?
Move over Lucky Me Chilimansi! A new comfort food joint is here! 
Sometimes, you just have to indulge your cravings. If you are depressed, drunk, munching, NOT on a diet, in need of 100% rich, feel good food, head over to Gino's Eats & Beats and get satiated with their array of dishes that really seem to hit the spot. For me, at least, since it was a certain time of the.... oh you know.
If it looks vaguely familiar, it's right beside the famed liquor joint Distillery on Jupiter St. That's right... you can get sloshed AND THEN grab some tasty nosh! You can also cross-order since Distillery doesn't have food & Gino's doesn't have alcohol.
The interiors are stark and modern, due to a collaboration between Chef Gino and Team Manila, incorporating his love of good eats with the catchy beats that blare from the restaurant's top-notch speakers.
Let me tell you, KUDOS to establishments that provide wi-fi! Woot! That's clincher #1.
Clincher #2. Gino's Eats & Beats has a FANTASTIC lunch menu that consists of complimentary soup and a dish for only... wait for it... Php100. REALLY. Check out the extensive selection of dishes!
As Chef Gino (very camera shy) explained the concept for the restaurant, it was clear: this guy knows good food and spares no expense, or calories, to get it. And while listening to his story, we were blindsided when the dishes started coming in droves... LITERALLY.But before that.. a little side tour of the kitchen. From the looks of it, he didn't scrimp on the kitchen. and I LOVE their shirts. Me want!
When asked what his favorite investment was, he easily said "Salamander," which is the contraption hanging above the stove. great for broiling, charring, and... oh I want one too....
I am a big fan of kitchens, and even small spaces can whip up wonders given the right layout and good equipment, and staff, which Gino said was a good mix of good people.

Anyway, back to what's important... FOOD! This is what my party of five had for... gulp, dinner.
Mushroom & Artichoke Spread 
Creamy addicts anyone? The spread was stuffed with both mushrooms & artichoke, yet still manages to feel rich and soothing like a tub of ice cream. LOVED the Garlic toast
Potato Chips with Aioli
Sorry, I couldn't help it... I was CHIPSING! My roommate knows this.
Gino's Dumplings
Little pork pockets deep fried and served with a soy based sauce... I could've inhaled this in minutes, but I had to "share".
The Fried Platter
Cheese Logs, Baby Squid Poppers & Risotto Mashed Potato Balls
This is where the food just borders on fantasy. A trifecta of fried goodies sure to sober up any drunken diner. I loved the Risotto Mashed Potato balls! And the Salsa Verde sauce was especially refreshing amidst the fried fritters.
Grilled Sausage with Cheese Sauce
Sausage... Mmm. Cheese sauce... Yum. Sausage & Cheese... Oh My Good Lord. Did anyone lose a lover? Been cheated on? Lost a major bet? Yep, this one will make you forget about all those bad things...
Greatest Cheese Quesadilla
This has got to be the most UNDERRATED dish of all. It's not just cheesy, it's meaty, tomatoey, creamy and... Oh God, it's the hormones. I love Mexican and this Quesadilla is one LOADED sucker. Must come back for more.
Stir Fried Pork & Tofu
 Seems relatively healthy, but those sauces add a tasty kick to the dish.
Roasted Garlic & Chorizo & Garlic Shrimp
Interestingly enough, you'll find Roasted Garlic & Chorizo on the menu, as well as the Garlic Shrimp, but this concoction is just pure EVOO evil. Chef Gino decided to mix them together and BAM! My two favorite things sauteed into one tasty Pica-Pica. So garlicky!!!

**Minor food coma... Pictures speak for themselves**
Wings Platter with Buffalo, Hoisin Honey & Honey Mustard Wings
Grilled Sticks Platter with Pork Asian BBQ, Chicken in Peanut Sauce, Pinoy Pork BBQ & Curry Pork BBQ

Greatest Salpicao
A ton of garlic, but it wasn't enough...
Angus Belly Salpicao
 Not to be outdone, the Angus Belly is just all ANGUS FAT salpicao'd for all you fattie fiends. I couldn't get a lot of this, as my batok (nape) was already aching right around this point.
Greatest Adobo Flakes
I like all the different components... I am such an accessory junkie.
Crab Fat & Squid Pasta
Pure divine cholesterol in the form of creamy aligue pasta sauce. I'm Capampangan, from Pampanga province, so I ate this up. Lipitor please :)
Greatest Longga Burger
 Conjures memories of my Boracay food trip last Labor Day long weekend. Longga-Burger is the ultimate white sand island street food, especially when inebriated. This was like an overstuffed version.
Grilled Chicken w/ Mushroom Sauce
This looks plain, but this has got to be my favorite dish of all! The chicken was tender, and had a lovely grilled flavor to it, and the mushroom sauce was creamy and reminded me of home cooked mushroom gravy... I'm definitely coming back for this.
Marsala Pork Chops
This loaded dish tastes a little like Italianni's version. I appreciated the generous portion of vegetables on the bottom, but no one seemed to notice. MORE MEAT!
Eggs Benedict
Sorry, I'm snooty with my Eggs Benedict. Authentic please.
Because I am snooty with certain things, I completely appreciate it when special dished not found on the menu find their way to my table. YES, it's ISAW, pork intestine cleaned, drilled and dipped in a special sauce. THIS WAS FANTABULOUS! This was on hand because the owners wanted their own personal stash... I better be on his good side next time I come, coz I WANT MORE!

So... 10 Pica-Pica plates + 9 Main Dishes = GLUTTONY. 
But... gotta leave room for dessert!
Greatest French Toast
Greatest Panna Cotta
Gino's Greatest Vanilla Sundae
Greatest Mango Jubilee
The "Greatest" portion of the menu was supposed to mimic a CD's Greatest Hits edition, and it's around the eatery's menu. I'm not sure if I wasn't wowed by the desserts, or that I was just too stuffed to taste them... I'm leaning more on the latter.

I'm telling you, healthnuts beware: this restaurant is not for the faint of heart. It's for those who appreciate good food, and don't mind adding a few inches just to get the comfort food fix. Sign me up Gino!

Now let me go workout for an entire year...
Gino's Eats & Beats
Ground Floor, unit A, Valdecon Building, #20
Jupiter Street, Bel-Air Village, Makati City
+632 519-1272
+63917 885-6969 


  1. 100% Gluttony. I love it.

    Still can't get the Salpicao off my head.

  2. bastard! I can't look at this blog on an empty belly. painful to look at those photos! like I said your camera work is very underrated. great job on Gino's definitely makes me want to lick my monitor.

  3. this looks soo good! will definitely go and try it out :D

  4. i feel like getting a heart attack just by looking at the pictures!

  5. MUST TRY... the porkchops and the salpicao! though the rest of the other dishes were good, being an unhealthy meat eater, these two dished blew me away.. porkchop was damn good! (just had to mention it again)

    If I were a health buff and had one cheat day, id spend it here. They even have 100 peso lunch meals for the offices around the area (lucky bastards). And the menu changes every other day. Cordon Bleau for P100 bucks should make a stressful work day better.

    Perfect for "pulutan" if you order from distillery or an after gimmick snack before going home.

  6. this all looks so yummy!!! great pictures TOT.

  7. AND THAT WAS JUST THE APPETIZERS!!! ---whaaaaat?? got so shocked when i saw that line. nevertheless, all looks yummy!!!

    watch it chick!! baka ma high blood ka na niyan. time for cleansing.. :)

  8. we really ate all that,
    jean and miggy?!?!

    went back last week for happy hour,
    chimay beer from belgium (c/o distillery)
    + gino's eats = awesome!

  9. WOW! everything here is so tempting! Will definitely try this resto this weekend! thanks for sharing this... i so like your ToT blog, Jean! :)

  10. Love the post! Fun to read and definitely enticing.
    I'm wanting a lot of that food right now...

    And a salamander.


  12. looking back.. I can't believe I actually ate so much from the dishes! I think i didn't eat for a day after that.

    Ok that was a lie.

  13. Shouldn't have done this,

    wanting to read my previous comment with sober eyes,

    now I am left hungry again...

  14. this is so damn near my office and im glad you posted this....will try it later!!!!!!

  15. ur food look so good!!! yummy!!!

  16. Just looking at the pictures makes me hungry...YUM! I'm looking forward to eating there next week! I think I will have major cholesterol overload and it will be all your fault! LOL. Love it!

  17. I tried it yesterday.. im sorry to say but the servings are really small for the price. No wonder you inhaled all these food at one sitting. The pork chops are sliced so thin and priced at 215php. Not exactly value for your buck. The sauce of the Chicken is really good though i must say. Cream addicts like the girl screaming to be brought there will surely love it.

    Just a suggestion: can ToT list the price of the items that she tries. It would be very helpful for us followers. It would also be nice if ToT can put a rating system so we'll know more or less how it is rated by ToT.

  18. Hi Anonymous!

    Thanks so much for your constructive ideas. I agree with some stuff, but the chops I tried were actually quite big and thick, maybe you just got unlucky with their portioning.

    As for pricing, I'm not gonna lie. It might misrepresent who ToT is because, honestly, I gotta admit I'm not that cost conscious as long as the food is good and the service is great. But I do look at the "bang for your buck" factor. So Check out my Lusso post, I've included the Menu for your perusal!

    As for the rating is... If it ain't good I'll really tell my readers. I'm not very easily duped to being nice. Ahaha but I'll try!


  19. I'm starving! I better check this out soon! Great photos!


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