Stay at the Hotel Stendhal in Roma

Ahh Roma...
You know you're in Italy when you see a Biglietteria (ticketing) machine with several language selections for the Trenitalia line. If ever you're in Italy, you know the way to go is via train.
Upon arrival from our very long flight and exiting the Roma Fiumicino airport, ToT's travelbuddy, aka Jerico, and I decided to relive our studiare days in Italy. Because we're traveling a day ahead from our very big travel group, we thought that it would be the perfect day trip to take. We felt compelled to scrimp on the small things so we can blow out on the more important aspects of traveling, like lugging 4 pcs of luggage to a train station, then to a cab
It helps to be in a foreign country with a brother, or a burly man, because he has no choice but to carry the heavy luggage around while you look cute and take pictures of the surroundings. Our flight arrived a bit early, so we decided we were going to have a one-day reunion to our one-time home and school. But before that, we must check in our hotel and wash off the airplane feeling.
I chose smart and picked the Hotel Stendhal in Roma
Situated at the heart of Rome and within walking distance to main piazzas and sights like Piazza della Republica, Piazza Barberini, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps, our boutique hotel was the perfect location for active travelers such as ourselves who like to be where this action's at.
Tagged as the "hip and happening accommodation near the Spanish Steps", Hotel Stendhal was definitely a small package with a big bang. Even the frontage had a certain air of sophistication to it. Hotel Stenhal is part of the Silver Hotels Collection, a smattering of very chic boutique hotels in Rome as well as Beverly Hills. I wanna see!
The front desk is very small, but staffed with the most professional of Front Desk Officers who are very accommodating especially when asking about travel issues. Check-in was a breeze, just like the airy interiors.
In the morning, the action of the hotel is at the lobby's lounge, which becomes a breakfast buffet in the morning for the hotel guests.
And at night becomes a sexy bar with apertif and small bites.
Here is Jerico wondering if we should begin drinking or not... We are cut from the same cloth, you know.
The interiors are well executed, with strategic lighting and beautiful robin's egg blue walls. It felt bigger than the hotel actually was!
My favorite spot at the hotel is the Library, which becomes the perfect private spot to have some tea or breakfast. How sexy is that spot right there?
The accommodations are just as beautifully thought of. Tapestry adorns the walls and heavy draping makes the small room feel luxurious and more spacious than it is. 
The beds are double, but they are paired together, just like most European hotels. The sheets, I tell you, are DIVINE.
Sorry, we're a messy bunch. But it was the perfect size for go-getters such as ourselves, who appreciate a well designed room and spacious storage space. 
The bathroom was also very clean, with marble flooring, a bidet, and nice toiletries. A good bathroom is essential anywhere in Europe, especially because they are never big enough nor are the fixtures up to date with the times. I was impressed by the lighting more than anything, I think.
We didn't really spend much time at the hotel, because we were out the entire day reminiscing in our old town (TBD), but we did make time for some breakfast and cappuccino!
Breakfast was tasty and traditional Italian, Cheeses, antipasti of meats, eggs with bread made my salt-hungry body very excited to start my day at the breakfast, which is included in the room rate.
Jerico and I were waiting for the rest of our group to arrive from Manila, so we spent a good portion of our time online, because wifi is also complimentary at the hotel, something we took for granted because we later found out that free wifi is hard to come by in Europe! BOO!

I wish I had spent more time at our hotel, but when in Rome, do as the Romans do and WALK! And walk we did! But next time I am in Rome, I will definitely stay at the Hotel Stendhal once more.

ToT-ers: what about you? Do you likey the colors or what?

Discover Hotel Stendhal
View the Silver Hotels Collection
Via del Tritone 113 Roma - 00187 
P.Iva: 06002341003
Tel +39 06 422921 | 

Fax +39 06 42292555 
Email : info@hotelstendhalrome.com


  1. Wow, I'm sure you had a nice time there. I miss those days when I was a flight attendant and my trips to Rome.

  2. I wanted to be an FA when I was young!!! travel around the world... i love!


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