Mexican + Margaritas at Chihuahua

Burrito brats and Margarita moxies: there's a new Mexican joint in the Metro that has both spice and spunk.
For late night, or midday, snacks, hangover Sunday hangouts and chill out sounds with a splash of spiced up Mexican grub, Chihuahua Mexican Grill & Margarita Bar packs it all into a neat and peppery package.
That combination wouldn't be possible without the dynamic duo of Ines Cabarrus & Elian Habayeb, Metro Manila's own PR machine for the best restaurants, sounds and lounges. 

They welcomed our hungry tummies into Chihuahua and proudly dished out Tex-mex recipes, from Elian's childhood in Texas, for us to try.
Aside from Tex-Mex recipes, Elian and Ines also brought in a personal touch by bringing in bottles upon bottles of hot sauce and peppers! The Hot Sauce Bar is stocked up with crazy spicy concoctions which makes all of Chihuahua's plates more explosive... if you like it that hot.
 Anyone up for Beyond Death Sauce from the 'Owner's Private Stash'? It says you will FEEL ALIVE... Not after my tongue falls off!
Elian and Ines seem to have a lot of friends, and their mugshots are plastered all over their photo wall and all over the restaurant.
The menu is surprisingly sparse, with a step-by-step instruction manual for diners to pick from. I like simple menus that aren't complicated, as long as everything tastes good.
First you choose your meat (steak, chicken, pork or veggies). Then, figure out if you want a taco (soft), burrito, burrito bowl (for the carb-conscious), or topped on a salad. Almost there, just add some soup or appetizers with your plate and top it off with some iced cold drinks that are imported from the US. Tex-Mex ain't complete without some sugary sodas.
Their beerlist is also quite extensive, from Dutch Amstel Light to crisp Coronas, you have some good libations to choose from.
But the insider dish is that the Chihuarita is the must-try mix. Let me tell you guys something, I love my liquor and I'm known in my circles as somewhat of a heavyweight. But something about Chihuahua's Margaritas aka Chihuaritas snuck up from under me and turned me into a gabbing glutton. I was out after four of these!
 Another Chihuahua concoction was the Michelada, basically a crazy alcoholic mix of beer and other spirits. I was not a fan, but the boys seemed to like it.
Another American import: Arrowhead bottled water. Sorry guys, but I was a California college kid that drank nothing but Arrowhead. While completely unnecessary, I liked the consistency of its MexiCali/TexMex roots.
Chihuahua is semi-self service. With a Salsa Bar for you to customize the heat and flavor of your plates. I LOVE this and reminded me of La Salsa and Baja Fresh in California! Yum.
While the burritos are hefty portions, I noticed that the server joined 2 flour tortillas together to make one big burrito. Hope they find extra-large tortillas so I can beat the carb factor, coz I just ended up tearing the extra tortillas away.

This is what the situation looked like:
Steak Burrito
Chicken Soft Tacos
My order and a great choice. It looks unassuming, but it had the perfect combination of grilled chicken, lettuce, salsa and garlic sauce tucked into a little soft taco. Three of these in one plate is great to fill your hungry tummies.
Burrito Bowl with Chicken (YUM!)
Steak on a Salad
A healthy approach to Mexican flavors.
You can add some Mexican Rice if you are a carpintero or Filipino.
A meal at Chihuahua is not complete if you don't douse your food with some CRAZY hot sauce! And here's Elian offering us his secret concoction of chili and peppers. Ask for the CHARLIE SHEEN CRAZY HOT SAUCE. He keeps a stash hidden behind his pocket.
And here's the TRES-J Marias! Jin of Jin Loves To Eat, Jane of Between Bites, and Jean of Trip or Treats! Love it! We need to collaborate soon!
Speedy Gonzales says: Andale! Andale! Arriba Arriba Chihuahua!
You can Check In on Foursquare (like moi) and you can also find Chihuahua on Facebook.

Chihuahua Mexican Grill
7838 Makati Ave across A-Venue
(in Makati's Nightlife District), 
1209 Makati, Philippines
+63 916 373 7308


  1. Wow will try this one out! - a2zph

  2. Will surely try this one jean! a2zph

  3. I like his menu, not sure but I remember him saying, its "stupid proof". im not a fan of mexican food and everytime I eat in such a resto, I always find myself staring at a dozen choices, none of which I understand. Chihuahuas menu on the other hand is perfect for me, I just have to decide whether I like chicken, beef or pork. The 4th choice always seems blurred when I read it, really not for me.

    He does have an assortment of sauces, some home made, some with an unlabeled bottle... Use at your own risk.

    But what really makes the whole atmosphere complete id have to say are the owners. They go around every table. Start little conversations with all their customers. Gives you that feeling that your home, or you're not just another customer.

    Id recommend this place, the food is good and stupid proof (even for the novice mexican diner), do try their margaritas, packs a good punch


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