AirPhil Express Response to My Complaint


Last week, I had a very harrowing experience with AirPhil Express and voiced out the details alongside my formal complaint in an email to them, as well as a post on ToT.

So far, after one week... this is the response I get.  Guys, this is verbatim ha, so the typos and grammatical question marks are not done by me. Don't shoot the messenger.

"Dear Ms. ---,
We refer to the complaint received by our Social Media group for our attention. At the outset, please accept our sincerest regrets for any disappoitnment you may have felt as a result on your experience.

We have since initiated feedback with the concerned offices to provide us with the full circumstances of your reported incident. Once we complete our reports, we will communicate again with you.

Please be assured of our preferential attention.


I would expect that given one entire week I could have at least an organized thought process and spell checked response.

ToT-ers: What do you think? Is this the best I'm gonna get?


  1. Grabe, is that the best airphil can do? I think one week is enough for them to gather needed info about what happened and come up with a solution. Sorry to say, but i just don't feel the sincerity sa reply nila.. Ang dami nyo kayang naabala dahil sa kanila.
    I hope yung reply nila e hindi delaying tactics for you to let go of what happend.

  2. Preferential attention?! This email looks like it was typed while driving. Wrong spelling and grammar.... Comeon airphil Sincerest apology... Result of your experience! I bet this is the last time you'll hear from them.

  3. Here's an update on my AirPhil Express experience! Friends na ulit kami! hahaha


  4. Airphil Express is a nightmare! I'll never ever book a flight in that airline again. Traumatic! Got a call from Airphil Express saying that the flight booked at Air Philippines Express (Airphil Express) last June is cancelled and they're not servicing flights to that province anymore. It is now November. Why cancel it days before the departure? Then what? They should have cancelled it months ago so I can book at other airlines. There was no assistance from Airphil whatsoever.
    With my busy schedule it's not easy to refund tickets and find another airline, besides prices of airline tickets shoot up the nearer your departure time is. Airphil express just dropped us cold and left us alone to solve this problem. There was not even an email regarding that. Aren't airline customers protected from this?

  5. I think management is incompetent. Takot mag-explain sa tao kung "bakit". They should be reminded that good customer service will bring more customers.
    Our Kalibo-Clark for May 31 has been cancelled. I filled out a form for refund last Feb. 27 and until now NO mailed refund check pa. I've been emailing their customer servive support site pero NO SENSE and email nila - sabi ba naman ang processing daw takes 10-15 days - hindi yata alam na a month na. Ha!Ha!Ha1 Incompetent!


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