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Pepperdine + NYU Graduation
Looks can be deceiving. A lot of people may balk at the truth that I'm a gigantic dork. I am a stickler for learning and would love to go back to school (for the nth time). There is something about campuses and classrooms that I find intoxicating. I also find food intoxicatingly alluring, but that's a no-brainer.
 Enderun at McKinley Hill
I've studied at some pretty awesome campuses in my heyday, but this glass and brick building is the ULTIMATE collaboration of two of my favorite passions: Food + Learning. I just recently realized that Enderun isn't just a culinary school for budding chefs and  hoteliers, but they are also offering "Lifelong Education" under the Enderun Extension program.
 I was excited to attend the Discover Cuisine event for us to see the campus as well as learn from one of the best chefs from the Alain Ducasse Formation + Enderun collaboration. ALAIN DUCASSE!

Back when I was living in LA, Roomie and I had a chance to eat at one of Alain Ducasse's restaurants, Mix in Las Vegas. It was, at my post-college/pre-NYU days,  one of the most extravagant meals I had shelled out for. And it was memorable in every way.  I vowed to get connected with Alain Ducasse's culinary artistry one way or another.

Alain Ducasse is one of the most famous French chefs in the culinary world. From Le Louis XV in Monte Carlo,  Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée in Paris, and Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester in London, he is one of the rare chefs in the prestigious Michelin Guide's history to have 3-star rating in three different cities.
One way  or another is correct. I was finally able to have a mini-culinary class with one of ADF's chef's at Enderun. Alain Ducasse Formation was formed in 1999 to encapsulate the master chef's culinary methods and provide training and consultancy services to the world. In 2007, ADF partnered with Enderun College to bring culinary arts to a new level in the Philippines. The classroom facilities are impeccable, as if watching a cooking show from the set. 

The ADF+Enderun Certificate in Culinary Arts is a 15-month course which tackles everything from Nutrition, Confectionery, Regional French Cuisine to Hygiene and Sanitary Systems. It's taught by several internationally trained and experienced chefs from the ADF program as well as the exclusive 5-star hotels in the Philippines.
Since the heart of the ADF+Enderun philosophy is theory, demonstration and practice, the institution meet and exceed international standards and gives a hands-on approach to culinary education. There is only a 2 students/workstation ratio and 8 workstations/lab class. This means you aren't just reading recipes off of a cookbook, you are actually learning by doing.
Interestingly enough, Enderun is not only a college that offers four year courses, they also offer shorter programs such as their 3-month Pastry Arts Certificate for those who want to hone their craft at baking, pastry and confectionery. The thought of ToT making a souffle is making me giddy already.
Apparently, at ADF+Enderun, you learn from the best. Chef Marc Chalopin was handpicked by ADF to become the ADF+Enderun executive chef so that the standards of Alain Ducasse are kept, as well as ensure that his philosophy, principles and techniques are properly transmitted to student. In the beginning he seemed aloof, but quickly found out that he is the opposite, and he began hamming it up for the students and the camera.

He has had an illustrious string of experience for over 25 years, his best years working next to Joel Robuchon  as well as Alain Ducasse himself at the 59 Poincare of Le Relais du Parc in France. My favorite CV tidbit: he worked with Alain Reix at the infamous Eiffel Tower restaurant Le Jules Verne. He also taught at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. He moved to Manila in 2008 and joined ADF+Enderun.
 Of course, we met him doing what he does best: COOK! 
On the menu: Chocolat Liegeois
And Shrimp Tartar Burgers. MMM
He began the demonstration preparing the chocolate ice cream, coffee & rum granite, chantilly cream, chocolate sauce and nougatine, the components for the Liegeouis. I must dig up my old ice-cream maker so I can replicate the recipe.
No detail is left unattended by Chef Marc, who trades culinary banter with the students while teaching recipes and techniques.

It was a decadent dessert with lots of layers, some hot and cold components, and a lot of chocolate!
For the shrimp tartare burgers, Chef Marc taught us how to confit a tomato. It begins with blanching the tomatoes in hot water to easily remove the skin, then slicing it into rounds with olive oil and seasoning then placing it into the oven for 90 degrees Celsius for about 4 hours... that's a lot of time!
In making the shrimp burger, there are several components, from the shrimp patty, tartare sauce, garnish (to make it look like a real burger), and the time-consuming tomato confit.
Chef Marc  assembles the pieces and builds his burger.
Once the burgers were about to be presented, there was a flock of 'students-for-the-day' who wanted a closer look... or first dibs on the dishes.
The Final Touches... I doubt 9 slider burgers could satiate my appetite after some anticipation, let alone an entire group of hungry observers.
In true cooking show, and culinary school, form, TA DAH! Out came more buns and burgers ready for prepping.
Photo-op while waiting for Chef Marc to finish his Liegeois.
After he was finished, I just had to have a photo with Chef Marc, who was very approachable, and said he loved, of all Filipino dishes, SISIG. We have something in common. Having had the opportunity to learn 2 dishes from him made me wonder if I can still squeeze into my crazy schedule a short course at Enderun?
The best part about ADF+Enderun, for ToT at least, is that not only do you get to see how good food is made, you also get a chance to taste it after the class. The best part of class! Is this a school, or a restaurant? (The answer: It's both)

This sign made me smile. YES, we need English Only Zones.
 Enderun's College of Business & Entrepreneurship + Enderun's Hospitality Center
I'm so tempted to go back to school!

Here's the recipes for the Shrimp Tartare Burger and the Chocolat Liegeois (click to view larger image)

To learn more about Enderun College and Alain Ducasse Formation + Enderun:

Enderun Colleges
1100 Campus Avenue
McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio
Taguig City 1634 Philippines
Telephone: (632) 856 5000
Facsimile:   (632) 856 4656

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