American Idol Concert + Manila

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American Idol Crowd
Yes, I'm one of the lucky ones who got the overpriced patron tickets to the American Idol concert today, all thanks to my brother, who has some major connections in the music industry, and is coincidentally part of Uno Magazines TOP 10 Alpha Males for the year! Thanks Sangko! Hahaha

I loved the start of the Concert... Feel na feel!
 The concert began with a little something from all the girls, Naima, Pia, Thia (the Filipina), Haley and Lauren.

Watch them sing Born This Way by Lady Gaga
 Pia seemed to captivate everyone with her super sparkly dress and very toned gams. I tweeted that I just turned Lesbo! Finally, someone Mr. S & I both like.

She started the solos off with some Alicia Keys

Then she made a duet with Stefano to Rihanna's California King Bed. The duo actually sounds better than a solo

Then Paul came in and brought some raspy Rod Stewart in the house. I love his voice and his awkward performances. It's one of those goofy sexy things! hahaha
 Thia was cute singing her chirpy song... 

Who Says You're Not Perfect?

Pia sings her new single

The ladies came back (sans Naima) and sang a sexy number, with equally sexy outfits.
 I Absolutely love HALEY!

Then it was Stefano's turn to bring up the heat with Bruno Mar's Grenade

Stefano channels Usher and has backup dancers/singers with him. Must watch Stefano sometime around 2:30 of the clip. You will SCREAM!

Then the Boys take over the stage with a great rendition of Neon Trees
 My favorite guy, Casey Abrams, starts it off with a little  bass for Breathe
I LOVE CASEY! And i love his performance of Maroon 5's Harder to Breathe

Then Naima takes center stage with some words from JLo, herself.
 The very red getup for the Cee Lo medley. hahaha

Here's season 10's Forget You/Crazy
Love the messages from the judges and Ryan as well!
 Happy Happy watchers
 Lauren was cute with her outfits, but she had a really thick bikini tan. I wonder where she got that from?
 James sings Sweet Child of Mine
 James strikes a pose after rocking the crowd
 Jacob Lutz, doing her malandi gig. Hahaha sorry, that was mean.
 I cannot say it enough. Haley was my vote for #1! Alongside Paul and Casey, they made the show bearable. And I love her sing the top songs of her season.

 First runner up Lauren Alaina comes out with her cowboy boots singing Flat On The Floor
 The winner Scotty finally comes out.
 He's actually quite cute, if you ask me
 He had to sing Gone, and he had to have 4 back up singers in sexy LBDs
 Though Filipinos aren't big on country, Scotty was cheered on and really turned up the show!
 The finale!
 The crowd was jovial and pumped up! From 830p to 1130p, that 3 hour show was jam-packed with great singing, vibrant energy, and the promise of a better season ahead

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