Copenhagenization: On Bikes & Boats

There are two great ways to go about exploring the sleek and green city of Copenhagen. One is through its canals via boat, kayak or waterbus; the other method requires only 2 wheels and is featured on its own CNN special segment.
Copenhagenization is innovating the transportation system of this metropolis via urban planning to encourage more Danes to bicycle their way around town instead of drive around in gas guzzlers. over 55% of Danish citizens use their bicycles on a daily basis. And since this is a young city, many parents cart their children around in cargo bikes.
It's such a future-forward approach to city-living that CNN's Business 360 featured it as one of its Future Cities. Interestingly enough, while I was in Copenhagen recently, this episode was playing on the tube, which explained why everyone and their mother's mother was biking around town.
It's a convenient, environmentally sustainable, and healthy way to travel around this small city, and this lady proves that it can be a stylish mode of transportation as well.
Bicycles are such a normal part of the daily commute that, instead of parking lots, there are "bike lots" all over the city. Not only that, if you are a tourist, local company City Bikes will lend you a bike, for almost free. All you need is a DKK20 coin deposit (about PHP170 or $3.85), that you will get back once you return the bike. That's another thing I noticed about the Danes, they are SO trustworthy.
City Bikes has garnered numerous accolades because of this revolutionary idea. No bueno for me, because I don't know how to ride a bicycle (blame it on big brothers + a traumatic pedicab incident as a child). Brother was not pleased that he couldn't show off his mad-triathlon skills because my bike-less ways are dragging him down.
It is such a revolution that Copenhagen doesn't even worry about traffic jams, but bike jams. Instead of yellow cabs, you see more bicy-cabs that can take you around the city. If you are interested to tour Copenhagen while getting a nice cardio workout, there are event guided bike tours that you can sign up for.
Copenhagenization has even extended as far as the food & beverage industry, where you can get coffee on the go, literally.
And for the hungry ones, no need to sit down at a creperie, the Pancake Bike will pedal its way to you so you can get your Nutella & banana crepe fix.
This particular Pancake Bike was flanked by googly-eyed teens who were fawning over the... crepe.
 This is one of the few times I saw a cyclist looking the part. Other times everyone was chicly dressed with matching aluminum bicycles to fit their taste.
Even musicians during the Copenhagen Jazz Fest lugged their instruments and gear in bikes and carts on wheels.
Another great way to get around Copenhagen is via boat.
Nyhavn is a historical harbor since 1671. Translated as "New Harbor", this canal is one of the oldest in Copenhagen. Nyhavn was actually dug up by Swedish prisoners from 1671-73 and has garnered the nickname "The Sunny Side" because of its almost always sun-kissed side of the heritage harbour.
Nowadays, Nyhavn is a picturesque dining strip complete with al fresco restaurants filled with seafood specialties, romantic trysts, and vintage sailing vessels. 
This spot exemplifies the old adage that Copenhagen has always had one foot in the sea
If you'd like to take an alternate route to see the sights of Copenhagen, the DFDS Canal Cruisetours is an excellent choice to get upclose to the maritime charm of this city.
Since Copenhagen is known as a design capital, the city infuses modern living with historical appeal where new buildings and residences crop up right by the water. 
ToT and the cute Captain.
If you are privy to sea-sickness, and is bicycle-challenged, like myself, then the best alternative is to trek the streets of Copenhagen by foot, prefereably in a stylish manner such as this lady and her cute pooch.
 Which would leave me limited to just drive around in this cute Paul Smith-inspired Vespa.
More on the Nordic wonders of Copenhagen after I get my thoughts organized for more posts! But for now, can anyone teach me how to ride a Bike, please?

Get a guided bicycle tour around Copenhagen
Need a bike? Try the CityBike!
Want a crepe? Call Pancake Bike!

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