Crepe ala Pandekager (aka Pancake-Bike)

Crepes are, what I would call, the ultimate mobile munchie; easy as a sandwich, tasty as a slice of pizza, and portable as an ice cream cone.
Introducing the Pancake Bike
The crepe is made even cooler when its made to order, to your fancy, from a 3-wheel tricy-cart. It appeals to me even more because this is probably the only bicycle contraption I would be comfortable pedaling. No 2-wheelers for me. No need to look for a place to grab dessert, let dessert come to you.
Loitering around the busy shopping streets of Stroget in Copenhagen is another example of Copenhagenization at its yummiest: Introducing the Pandekager, otherwise known as the PancakeBike. There are about 4 PancakeBikes around the city, each calling out to your sweet tooth and your pocket change.
For some reason, this bike was very busy with eager... lady customers... I had to figure out if it was the crepe or the creperier... Hmm...
The Crepe Man kept all the hungry ones preoccupied with his lively personality and impeccable Californian accent that made me ask if he was indeed a non-native Dane? Turns out, he's a mutt just like me. He is 100% pure Danish but went to college in Redwood City, NorCal to play some ball, hence his Amer-English, which was a hit with all those teenagers. Of course, being an Angeleno... I felt some SoCal/NorCal rivalry happening, but nothing a crepe couldn't fix.
While he was waxing poetic his experience in the Bay Area, the best places to eat around the city that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, or other places to explore in Copenhagen, he multitasks with ease making 2 crepes at a time.
The crepe wrapper itself is quite unique, more floury than egg, and had a distinct warm tone which can be attributed to the addition of cinnamon in the batter, makes for a spiced-laden crepe combination later on.
The resulting wrapper is like a very thin blini, on the chewy side (which I loved) and had a nice toasted flavor to it.
Accoutrements: Keep it simple with some Nutella hazelnut spread and some bananas if you like the combo
Crepe Man concentrating on his folding skills
The result: sweet simplicity.
Happy PancakeBike fans from the Philippines!
Check out PancakeBike's cute video with an apt soundtrack. So enticing.


  1. If I had to ride that cart around, i'd be eating pancakes while riding!

  2. How cute that you got the actual pancake bike dude on the video! Banana Nutella - yummmmm!!!


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