HK Boutique Chic at Lanson Place Hotel

This is SO Hong Kong.
This, in no way, resembles HK. And that's the way I like it.
On a recent business trip to HK, I convinced the big boss to veer off our normal accommodation in HK, which is The Parklane in Causeway Bay, to stay at one of my favorite boutique hotels: The Lanson Place Hotel

Voted as on of Trip Advisor's Hotels of the Year in HK and one of the Small Luxury Hotels in the World, the Lanson Place infuses boutique chic and serviced hospitality all in one stylish, efficient package. Part of the Lanson Place Serviced Apartments portfolio, this hotel is, like its website boasts, a Brilliant hotel. It is steps away from Lee Gardens and Times Square, known mainly for its high-end shops and plethora of food choices.
The street level is quite nondescript, with just 2 green design chairs to signal its semblance to some sort of hospitality establishment.
The double doors lead to spacious meeting area which illicits quizzical looks from street passersby. Is it a cafe? It's The Leighton, an outdoorsy vibe brought indoors for small events, meeting your guests outside your room, and technically just a cool spot to say 'Hey, Hong Kong isn't as cramped up as you think it is'.
The lobby, located at the 2nd floor, is a completely different world from street level. The Front Desk is a singular table facing the elevator as you open, and not more than two demure yet highly efficient receptionists swift you through check in.
To the left of the front desk is the Murano Room.  Coined after its lovely Venetian chandeliers, there are several seating areas to keep each conversation private.
 A singular long dining table serves as the focal point of the left wing, which is converted to the breakfast buffet in the morning.
 What I love about boutique hotels is its resistance to the "standard" look of hotels. I love this high-padded seating area which reminds me of being in a bee-hive
 To the right of the front desk is the Library, which stocks a stylish set of travel literature, books, magazines and periodicals for your reading pleasure. I was lusting over their Wallpaper and Luxe travel books.  Tucked neatly in the facade of the library is the door which leads to the Business Centre.
Another nook for conversations and secret trysts.
 And to bring it full circle, is the bar area, which is highlighted by a wall mural reminiscent of a dreamy watercolor.
 Officially in LUST over these seats.
 It's so enticing, I couldn't help but get a Cosmo to imagine that I'm actually at a chic Morgans Hotel in New York. So far, the Lanson feels every inch an NY haunt.
 But aside from the lusty interiors, the main reason why I pushed for us to stay at the Lanson Place was the spaciousness of the rooms compared to its price point counterparts.
 On one side of the room, is a living area which is sleekly enclosed by a mirror & glass center divider, which makes the room even more spacious.
 It faces a dresser and a flat screen TV built-into the mirrored wall, and can be swung to face the bedroom area.
 The flipside of the mirrored wall is a writing desk, which doubles as a dresser to put on makeup, surf the net, and wonder just how well designed this room actually is.
 Because this is a serviced residence to long staying guests, there is a kitchenette with an electric stove and microwave, complete with glass, silver and chinaware to basically live in the room for months on end. This was perfectly complemented by a fruitmarket, 7-Eleven, and Indonesian grocery store nearby. My mother is not a big breakfast lady, so we picked up some milk and cereal and lots of fruit and thoroughly enjoyed using this little section.
Each guest is welcomed by a basket of refreshments, a box of delightful tea cookies, and a note signed by the General Manager. Water is replenished everyday, wished the cookies and grapefruit juice was, too.
The bedding situation was comfy, cozy, and calming. No loud colors, only layers of white and lots of windows for natural light.
Aside from the green couch, the only real splash of color was from the mosaic tiles of the bathroom, which was succinct with a bowl sink and a shower. I'm not a big bath fan, so the rainshower was just right.
 I am, however, a big toiletry addict and appreciate hotels that stock up on the good stuff. I love Gilchrist & Soames and happily took these little loots home with me.
It's not a conventional hotel, it's not even a big hotel. But that's exactly why I'm in love with The Lanson Place. Besides, who wants to be conventional nowadays?

133 Leighton Road
Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 3477 6888
Fax: (852) 3477 6999
China Toll Free: 4001 20 6868


  1. tried Lanson Place before. not impressed!

  2. what a lovely hotel! how much did you pay per night?

  3. Those "bee hive" chairs are great! I want one! Good thing the rooms are big. Much better than boutique hotels in Europe where it feels like im living on the Fire Exit. How was the food? Breakfast buffet? Hehe

  4. Our rate was about $185 a night, but I know it can get lower since I went on a high-demand week, so rates were higher.

    Didn't do breakfast buffet, I had cereal and fruit in my room care of my kitchenette. LOVE

    Anonymous: how come you weren't impressed? Not a fan of boutique hotels?


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