Bliss'd Out in Baguio

This is the Bliss Buddha Belly
Since I am in Baguio right now, and getting very motivated to get back to blogging, let me re-introduce you to the wonderful world of guilt-free vegetarian eating. Yes, the above dish is meatless.
The World of Bliss (menu)
Welcome to the wonderful world of Bliss Cafe, at the Hotel Elizabeth in Baguio.
The restaurant is on its 8th year and running successfully, thanks to a lot of word-of-mouth marketing, its funky interiors and eclectic lacto-vegetarian menu. Initially located at the classic Munsayac Inn, Bliss Cafe has been residing inside The Hotel Elizabeth, very close to Mines View Park, Wright Park & The Mansion
Aside from the vibrant interiors of the resto, the Terrazas area houses tsotchkies and antique furniture that the owners, Jim & Shanti Ward, have accumulated from their years of Bliss. This is also the space where they feature artists on a monthly basis, and you can buy their artwork as well.
Even their tables are covered in local artistry.
Hibiscus Flower Tea
The menu is eclectic, with a dash of humor, a pinch of irony, and a whole lot of meatless goodies. Everytime I go up to Baguio I always end up eating my meals at Bliss because it makes me feel healthy even if I'm eating curry, or adobo, or sisig. No Oink included. It's always best to begin the meal with some refreshments, and their Hibiscus Flower Tea is a great way to start. AKA Gumamela. Enter flashbacks of childhood memories wherein I accidentally gulped makeshift "bubbles" made from said flower. Gack. This drink is much more pleasant than the childhood memory.
 No-Oink Sisig
Could I entice you with some Beermatch picks as an appetizer? Yes, no pork. Served with spices and a lemon swirl, this has all the meatiness minus the meat. A slightly sweet and spicy dish, this will make you a little more open to the vegetarian world.
And if Sisig won't get your carnivorous stomachs budging, maybe some guilt-free Chicharon (pork-less rinds) will? It's crunchy, munchy, and unbelievably meat-free. This is definitely a winner amongst my meat-eating family.
A vegetarian restaurant won't be complete without a healthy list of salads. I like their Bliss Salad. Raisins, croutons, strawberries, tomaties and a great honey vinaigrette. You can be rest-assured that their greens are the crispest, coz their in Baguio.
 My favorite meal to order is the Seoul Set: Veggie Kalpi, Kimchi & mountain rice. The faux meat is seasoned like Korean BBQ and is even filleted that way. The kimchi has a great bite to it. This plate always fills me up and satiates my meaty cravings.
 The No-Quack Duck Adobo is soy and lemon based, with potatoes and peppers for flavoring. Another option is to get the No-quack duck Curry Style. It's amazing because the gluten they use even has a skin! Deception at its finest.
 On a healthier note, their Paneer Set is quite authentic. Cheese in Curry with cashews and cauliflowers make for creamy Indian fare.
Breakfast is usually the Sunshine Set: Bliss Mix Fried rice with a side of Mantra (Veggie Spring Rolls). They also have the Sunrise Set which is a tofu scramble with veggie-sausage. Damn it, I'm craving. That's what I'm having for breakfast today.
Sometimes they have specials, like this Veggie Sausage, Nori & Cheese Pizza on Chapati bread. It is earthy and light, and quite filling, but it won't scratch the surface if you really want the Super Supreme.
You can even request for a Chef's discretion and let Chef Shanti whip you up something from her kitchen. This was chickpeas, cauliflower, peppers and peas. I actually liked it even if it looked like baby-throwup.
For dessert, I always recommend the Bliss Crepe. Infamous to those who've had it, the crepe is more a pancake ala mode, with a chewy thick layer of crepe, covered in luscious ice cream, peanut topping, special sauce, and strawberries or fruits of your preference. I haven't met anyone who hasn't love this rustic version of a crepe.
When available, do grab a couple of Bliss Balls and enjoy the cold coconut balls melting in your mouth. I don't know what they put in those balls but DAMN are they yummy.
And a new dessert to try is the Wasabi Ice Cream. It has a faint aftertaste of wasabi and the usual bite is mellowed down by the cream. What a refreshing ending to a healthy meal.
So, you probably won't lose any weight if you gorge on their food, but Bliss Cafe is a great way to enter the vegetarian side even just for a while. Who knows, once you step past this Mystical Galley, you might just never let go of the veggie...

Bliss Cafe is located at:
1 J. Felipe cor Gibraltar St.
Baguio City

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