Another Yummy Mercato Centrale Weekend + Goodie Giveaway #10!

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This weekend, I tried my damnest to wake up earlier (9am is early for me) to revisit Mercato Centrale at Bonifacio Global City. I was pleasantly surprised to find 2 new tents put up for new merchants and food finds. I got soooo excited I wanted to scoop up goodies immediately!
 I found old bazaar favorite Leyende which sells artisanal and organic bodycare products. Their handsoap is amazing!
 Since it was a bit muggy from the morning sun, I thought some chilled taho would be perfect to cool off.
 I was excited to find Luxe by Goldilocks with a stall at Mercato Centrale. This is Goldilocks high-end line of desserts and cakes.
 The packaging is the winning move, which makes Luxe perfect giveaways and party favors for your next special occasion. I love their Chocolate Panna Cotta!
 Hello Kababayan! I spotted Pamangan, which is Capampangan (from my province of Pampanga) for Food. You know, they say that people who are Capampangan have the best cooking skills as well as appetites. Ahem, do you agree?
 Capampangans  are also known for their lack of restraint when it comes to flavor, and the generous portions of meat and oil to achieve that winning taste. Look at the sebo  in this dish!
 I wonder how different Organic Balut tastes from the normal Balut being peddled on the streets. Itlog ni Kuya (Brother's Egg) says the ducks that layed these eggs are fed with natural fresh water shells, fishes, kamote (sweet potato), and rice bran. Sosyal!
 Must try these delicious Macarons from Empire Macarons!
 I started feeling the holiday spirit when I saw this table by Cake Avenue selling holiday shaped cookies and containers.
 A little holiday cheer might perk up these tired ladies. Lol.
I decided to get our lunch at Persia Grill. Notice the smiley dude (Kian) is ALSO the model on the tarp. Multitasker with selling skills and a winning smile? Sold.
I spy, Chef Claude Tayag checking out the other booths, and probably getting hungry doing it. Kababayan!
The best thing at Mercato Centrale is the generousity of the merchants to give free tastes so you can ensure that you like what you buy beforehand. This Beefsteak spoon was delish!
I especially loved these tiny cupcakes which were the CUTEST thing I saw.
I was proud at my self control on not trying too many things, but this smiley dude was way too nice and convinced me to try the saffron cupcake with sea salt. OMG I love the sweet/salty explosion in my mouth!
Anita on the left, smiley accomplices on the right. CUTE cupcakes, Baked by Anita. The packaging is fantastic and cute as a button, like the different flavors of cupcakes. Next week I will DEVOUR you.
Aside from cupcakes, there were also freshly made pastries and croissant from this cute mini-boulangerie.
Anyone up for an Apple Tart with Caramel Sauce?
And with an outfit like THAT, wouldn't you WANT to by an Apple Tart with Caramel Sauce? So Cute! And he had the most delectable dessert creations as well. Park Avenue Dessserts is the Chic booth selling mouthwatering sweets. YUM
My favorite part of Mercato Centrale was the live entertainment by kitschy artists and bands. This Ukelele group was fantastic and made a memorable rendition of Erasure's "Always I Wanna Be With You". LSS overload!
Their performance perked shoppers up, especially me, who know sings Erasure 24/7 since they played it. Love you guys!
Hello Smarla! I bumped into fellow Blogger & ToT follower Smarla on my way out. Great meeting my readers and sharing stories, like my Thanksgiving dinner fiasco.
I snapped up some Mercato Centrale reusable shopper bags and realize I bought one to many in support of the lovely farmers market, so now...

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  1. ooooh! jason was telling me about mercato this morning. would sure love to go and check out all those yummy food stalls! do you suppose its alright to bring baby eli?

  2. Hey!

    It would be ok during the early morning, gets a bit crowded but I think you can manage naman. It's not crazy, people are friendly and there is a booth that sells ORGANIC fresh BABY FOOOOOD! Called Ooh Baby, I think! I'll be there next weekend!

  3. The guy in the santa suit cracked me up, and he was shy at first, but when you put on a suit like that someones bound to take your picture. Now that you got peoples attention, you got to somehow work on leading them to your food and away from the red and white stop light you got on.

    Its free entrance so window tummy shopping is easy, have lunch here as well, alot of people serve good food for a cheap price. Support filipino chefs! Who knows, these startups might become the future Jollibee or Mang Inasal.

    Just remember to go on an empty stomach, first tent to start an appetite, second to build it up, continue further on and the lunch sellers are there. Nice way to spend an inexpensive sunday morning. Just dont over order like I did

  4. awwww....i missed a chance of meeting you in person. the guy in the santa hat and apron is a very talented pastry chef/owner of Park Avenue Desserts. His cakes are really really good and has been tasted by the likes of Madonna and Rod Stewart.

  5. Didi Tang
    candishhh at yahoo dot com

    I've already tagged you in FB and made a tweet that I wanted to win one of the bags! :)

    But how come the tag doesn't show up on your page? Hmm...

  6. I liked the MERCATO CENTRALE & TRIP OR TREATS Facebook Pages (FB name: emiliana sison)

    emiliana.sison AT gmail.com

    TWEETED: http://twitter.com/millette05/status/

    I follow you on twitter as @millette05

  7. Hi. Please come by at Yoggie's yogurt station. You can taste our kefir and yogurt drinks and even sample our yogurt or kefir ice cream.

  8. yummm!!! TOT! I wana buy the organic baby food for my nephew! When are you going next? Can I come with? - Nicola

  9. i hope i win this. ^_^

    1) Added both pages on FB
    2) Followed you on twitter (iamsantelmo)

    3) my entries:




    You each win a Mercato Centrale Shopper Bag!

    Will email you for DETAILS!

  11. Yes! Thank you for this early Christmas treat!!

  12. Thank you for mentioning the Beefsteak Tagalog. It is by Lola Maria Restaurant (The Legend Villas) located at 60 Pioneer cor. Madison Sts., Mandaluyong City.


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